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The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by MrRobot, May 16, 2016.

  1. MrRobot

    Twitter/IG: @scott325

    Released 50 years ago today, I figured it deserved a thread.

    Might be the best album ever recorded, IMO.
  2. zmtr


    Was literally just going to make this thread.

    Regardless of the anniversary, I have been obsessed with this record for the past month. Absolutely obsessed.

    It's probably an unpopular opinion but I'd take Pet Sounds over any Beatles release maybe other than Revolver.
  3. zmtr


    Also watched "Love & Mercy" last night and it was fantastic.
  4. MrRobot

    Twitter/IG: @scott325

    I liked Love & Mercy a lot, although I think the 80s stuff is weaker than the 60s stuff. I'd give anything for a whole film about the Pet Sounds era. Paul Dano was fantastic.
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  5. zmtr


    "Here Today" is one of the most mind blowing songs ever with all those key changes.. and that fucking outro.. ugh
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  6. MrRobot

    Twitter/IG: @scott325

    If I absolutely had to pick a single favorite, yeah, Here Today might be it.
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  7. zmtr


    I've heard this album probably 300+ times and I still find myself hearing new things on certain days.
  8. This podcast did a great episode where they discuss Pet Sounds.

    The Beach Boys is my dad's favorite band of all time. Pet Sounds is his favorite album of all time. He has more variations of that album than I can even remember.

    Last summer, I got to see Brian Wilson live with my dad, and it was such an amazing experience. Brian sounded great! I kept finding myself getting choked up while singing along with songs just because his songs have been in my life for forever. Even songs like "Surfin USA" was getting to my emotions, haha. My dad played The Beach Boys constantly around the house and in the car. In fact, he still does. It was just so cool seeing those songs played live by the man himself! It was also emotional for me because it's rare that my dad and I do stuff outside of the house just one-on-one. It was especially cool for me going with my dad to see his favorite musician of all time because my dad took me to my first Blink-182 show, and also my first Warped Tour. So it was really awesome looking over and seeing him singing along and having a good time.

    Anyway! Ramble ramble ramble... This album means a lot to me, but only because I've known the songs for forever. But in the last few years, I've gotten into the making of the album; listening to all of the session outtakes, documentaries, etc. It's insane that Brian Wilson could tell professional studio musicians that they weren't playing the songs right. As far as I know, Brian doesn't know how to play the majority of the instruments on that album, but somehow he knew how to write their parts, combine different instruments together in order to create a completely different sound, etc. My dad and I were actually geeking out about all of this stuff just 2 days ago, haha. My dad said something like, "Good cooks can tell how a combination of ingredients will taste. Brian did it with sound, but he did it with instruments he didn't know. The cook at least knows the ingredients!"

    So yeah. Fuck! This album is amazing. The songs are fantastic, but what's beneath the songs is even more fascinating.

    "God Only Knows" and "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" are still my 2 favorite Beach Boys songs. Probably always will be.
  9. MrRobot

    Twitter/IG: @scott325

    The details of Wilson's production on the album are mind blowing. I'll go to Wikipedia, or find articles and read about it every few months. It's unbelievably impressive. Let alone for someone who was 23.
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  10. DisloyalOrder

    Trusted Prestigious

    I get so emotional listening to this entire record, especially You Still Believe in Me. Absolutely beautiful.
  11. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    "God Only Knows" is just staggering
  12. EmmanuelSCastle


    uuuuh God Only Knows is blowing my mind rn and I looked up the key to see if i could maybe learn it and then there was a whole bunch articles and studies and there was even one tab with like 22 chords or smth (mostly inversions) and i am convinced that brian wilson was not of this earth and became even more flabbergasted when i read he was high on pot when he wrote this

    ???? this song is nuts
  13. zmtr


    I looked at the chords once and gave up within seconds.

    This is the greatest album of all time.
  14. EmmanuelSCastle


    im determined to learn it, there's so much to learn from this album and like. i didn't know you could have songs like this and make it accessible sounding too
  15. thenewmatthewperry

    performative angry black man Prestigious

    Listened to this for the first time today. I avoided this for a long time because when I was younger I was stubborn and didn't like other people telling me what's GOAT.

    The last two tracks hit me like a wall of bricks.
  16. zmtr


    Recently got the 50th anniversary vinyl. GOAT GOAT GOAT
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  17. beachdude

    I'm not brave Prestigious

    I have a very similar experience with The Beach Boys, they were the first non-kids music my parents played for me growing up. I loved reading this.
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  18. zmtr


    The title track is such a perfect warmup for the closer. It's insane how much you can hear such finality in such a happy sounding song.
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  19. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

    This is a good album
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  20. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    Someone should make a general Beach Boys thread. There is so much to love from them beyond Pet Sounds.
  21. EmmanuelSCastle


    I really wanna dive into smile, don't know how to go about it though since I know there's like versions of it or whatever
  22. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    I love this album so much.
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  23. chewbacca110

    He wrenches on it. He thinks it's his.

    Saw this thread and now I'm playing this (and the rest of the BB discography) for the rest of the day.
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  24. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    The single-disc restoration on The Smile Sessions (tracks 1-19, the rest are bonus) is the way to go.
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  25. EmmanuelSCastle


    Thanks! I'm really interested in it since I know there's a sect of fans who think it's their best and I'm curious since it's supposed to be an unfinished record, yeah?