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  1. Dinosaurs Dish

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    He kinda bugged me in We Need to Talk About Kevin.

    Movie was great, though.
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  4. airik625

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    nuff said
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  6. Omni

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    I hope that means we get a bunch of cameos from various members of his rogues gallery.

    Which villains do you guys wanna see most in the new trilogy? For me it's Riddler and Mr. Freeze. Both great characters that deserve a re-do.

    EDIT: also would love to see Catwoman again but she's not really a villain
  7. Red Hood, Poison Ivy, and Man-Bat
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  8. Omni

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    I'm a Robin guy so I'd love Red Hood as well.
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    I'd love to get clayface
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  11. coleslawed

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    Good Time is required viewing for everyone ITT.
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    I HATE the hudgens casting :/
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  14. JeanRalphio

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    Is DC ditching the shared universe thing and just giving us better stand alone stories now? Because they should ditch the shared universe and just make better stand alone stories.
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  15. Zach


    If they are going to, they should use Aquaman as a reboot of sorts and just start from there, do Wonder Woman 1984, and go from there. Wouldn’t mind if they looped in the new Joker movie as well cause I love Joaquin and would like to see another talented actor in the role instead of Leto.

    Would make it really easy, cause then we’d just need a Flash and Cyborg movie, which one could be made while Batman is being developed as well, and the other one of those could get a stand-alone after the team-up movie. Idk I’m not big on DC outside of Batman/Joker, so that might not even work.

    They have the ability to do it justice now, but if they are going to do a universe type thing, they need to get it moving right now
  16. Greg

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    Why would they need to do a shared universe right now? Rushing it didn’t work before.
  17. I Am Mick

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    Just do stand alone movies. Bring in talented writers/directors to make movies in their own style. Marvel has perfected their formula and universe, don’t compete with that. Be the arthouse of super hero movies. Let Malick do a Martian Manhunter movie. Let Jim Hosking make the wierdest Flash movie you'll ever see. Hire Edgar Wright to make a movie and actually let him make the movie.

    I especially want these Batman movies to be stand alone. I don't want to see Leto's joker anywhere near this shit
  18. Zach


    I’m saying set it up over the next two to four years. You already have Aquaman and Wonder Woman, and Batman ready. Plenty of time to get Flash/Cyborg stuff started before they wait too long again and it is weird again.

    Not saying it needs to be next year, just saying if they are going to attempt it, now is better than in another five years.

    Any superhero movie is going to have to compete with Marvel on some level. DC has a lot to work with to make it interesting
  19. I Am Mick

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    A gritty detective who dresses in a costume is already a bit of a stretch, but if he gets stumped and calls up a man from the bottom of the ocean I'm not going to be thrilled. The Nolan trilogy probably spoiled us, but I just want these to be great crime/mystery stories that happen to have a super hero and super villain(s)
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  20. JeanRalphio

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    Yeah I prefer unrelated movies at this point. Give us a bunch of different and weird movies without a basic shared universe formula
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  21. Dinosaurs Dish

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    The more and more directors and production companies force these kind of movies to have to fit together in some big cinematic universe, the less I get interested in them. It makes them feel like art by committee than an actual vision by different creative people. Too cookie cutter that doesn't leave room for originality and experimentation.
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    Who da fuck is firefly...I think if they are going to detective route, Riddler is a good choice. I'm sick of seeing the same MFs though.
  24. Guy that has a jet pack and flamethrower pretty much
  25. Kyle Max

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    Mr. Freeze is so dumb but I need him.