The Avalanches – “Frankie Sinatra” Video

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    The Avalanches are amazing. Anyone who hasn't listened to Since I Left You needs to check it out literally right now - sixteen years old and the record still holds up. Wildflower will most likely be great, but different.
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    Never before have I been this excited in my life!
  5. Steeeve Perry


    This is actually massive news, at least in Australia. It's no wonder the new album has taken so long, the first was built from an estimated 3500 samples.
    But Wildflower promises to be quite different with a lot of guest verses (something the original had none of at all) including Danny Brown and MF Doom on this track but also a personal favourite Father John Misty.
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    i don't know what it is but this song is so freakin good
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    Damn I remember frontier psychiatrist being mad in the day
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    That boy needs therapy
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