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The Australian + New Zealand Artists Thread

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Mary V, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. I've been thinking of doing this for a while. I'll include some iconic Australian artists, but mostly newer artists. Any genre. I won't post Sia or any other huge global superstars. I'd urge all my fellow Australian posters to contribute, I'm sure I'll be missing some!

    Midnight Oil
    Seeing this band tonight. Formed as a pub rock band back in the 1972, released their first single "Run By Night" in 1978 to little success. Their third LP Place Without A Postcard found the band some success, with the album debuting at #12 on the album charts and two singles in the top 40 in Australia. Their breakthrough came in 1981 with their album 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. This album saw Peter Garrett's lyrics turn political, which is something the band is now known for, and political themes stayed in their music for the rest of their career. They're known for their rock sound, Peter Garrett's abrasive vocals, intense live performances and political activism - particularly championing for environmentalism and issues faced by Indigenous Australians.

    Alex Lahey
    Alex Lahey is a pop/rock singer songwriter who's gathering a lot of hype here at home, and abroad. She rules. Her debut album I Love You Like A Brother landed at #15 on Australian charts this year. Her music is fun and addictive, but final track on the album addresses the situation with marriage equality here, stating "we can’t marry even if we want to". Catch her live if you ever get the chance!

    Ne Obliviscaris
    Ne Obliviscaris are an extreme progressive metal band. They're getting more and more popular here, I understand they're not for everyone but I think they're pretty great. Lovely guys, as well

    Bec Sandridge
    I'm going to quote Bec's twitter bio to describe her music: "DISCO SPAGHETTI POP"
    Make what you will of that. I quite like that description. She's supporting Mitski during her run of shows here next month. Here's one of my favourite songs of the year, a queer anthem:

    Icehouse is a new wave/synth pop band formed in 1977. They began similarly to Midnight Oil - a pub rock band - but found mainstream success with the addition of synthesisers and a change of style. They're a band I remember watching on rage and take me to another time. Great band

    Dan Sultan
    Dan Sultan is an Indigenous Australian alternative rock singer-songwriter. He's won three ARIA awards. His lyrics comprise of his life experiences, and his culture and experiences as an Indigenous man.

    Dan Sultan - Kingdom (Meat Market Sessions)

    A.B. Original
    A.B. Original is a hip-hop duo and both members are Indigenous Australians. Their music is extremely political, and has been described as "angry, polemical, brutally frank and meant to inspire a response, good or bad" by The Canberra Times.

    A.B. Original - January 26 (Official Video)

    Ali Barter
    If you want to hear a mix of Alex Lahey and Angel Olsen, Ali Barter is for you. Her debut album A Suitable Girl is fun, grooving, and addictive. Melodic pop rock songs that I've been jamming since the album's release

    Ali Barter - Girlie Bits (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

    Cub Sport
    I saw Cub Sport support The 1975 last year, and loved them. The crowd loved them too. Their new album is a stunning album full of stories of two LGBTQIA+ members - Tim and Bolan - coming out, falling in love, and all the experiences in between. Quite possibly the most inspirational, comforting band to listen to during tough times

    Cub Sport - O Lord (Official Video)

    Amy Shark
    Amy Shark landed second on the list of triple j's Hottest 100 last year with her single Adore, and for good reason. Mellow, yet catchy and fresh. The future is bright for Amy Shark, as she rises higher on festival line ups and supports Sia in two huge nights this month

    Amy Shark - ADORE [Official Music Video]

    Tired Lion
    Tired Lion is an awesome punk band from Perth, Western Australia. I think a lot of people here will love them. I love Sophie Hopes vocals a whole lot

    Tired Lion - Fresh

    Holy Holy
    This band is one of my favourite live bands, a super fun new wave band that make me like Summer at least a little bit. Guitarist Oscar Dawson is also a producer and has mixed Cub Sport's latest album. Holy Holy's first album is nostalgic and psychedelic. While their sound is still nostalgic on new album Paint, the band have embraced synths and a poppier sound. It fits them perfectly

    Holy Holy - True Lovers

    Gang Of Youths
    Gang Of Youths have had remarkable success this year. Their double album Go Farther In Lightness topped the charts for weeks. The band have been nominated for 8 ARIA awards, leading the charge. Every member is of colour, each having a different ethnicity. David Le'aupepe's lyrics shift from mental health and mental illness, loss, relationships, racism, and hope. RIYL Bruce Springsteen, The National, The Gaslight Anthem. I'm looking forward to seeing them blow up internationally!

    Gang of Youths - The Deepest Sighs, the Frankest Shadows

    This is just starting the thread, by no means a comprehensive list of Aussie artists and bands. I will keep updating this thread in the comments! Btw, check out punk/emo band Luca Brasi asap, everyone
  2. cwhit

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    the smith street band
    the jezabels
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  3. I have so many more to mention but it'll have to wait until tomorrow!
  4. WhosBroden?

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    The best - Angus and Julia Stone.
  5. ComedownMachine

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    Have y'all ever heard of Tame Impala?
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  6. mattfreaksmeout

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    I know this is a joke, but I really didn't know they were from Austrailia
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  7. mattfreaksmeout

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    Just saw Amy Shark open for Bleachers. She was really great!
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  8. WhosBroden?

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    Really fantastic and arguably just behind Down The Way as their finest to date. You can tell that this one was much more collaborative between the two. Lots of great harmonies, strong melodies, poignant lyricism, I love it.

    Probably only behind MUNA for my AOTY at this stage.
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  9. katie


    The Hard Aches! Trophy Eyes!
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  10. Listening now. Oakwood is so lovely
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  11. Camp Cope
    Everyone's new favourite band, tbh

    Birds of Tokyo
    Alternative rock band from Perth. I've always been fond of keyboards used in rock music, so I'm a huge fan of their self titled album from 2010. Melodic, big songs. Saw them support Muse in 2012 and they were awesome. But, I'll promote their latest (very good) album here:

    Ian Kenny (vocals) is in Karnivool and Birds of Tokyo. Karnivool is a metal band who only have 3 albums under their belt, pretty easy to get into!

    Lisa Mitchell
    Indie pop / folk singer-songwriter. She finished sixth in Australian Idol back in 2006. She released a covers EP a few months ago, featuring a particularly lovely rendition of Placebo's Every You Every Me:

    "Outsider rock" band from Adelaide, South Australia. Influenced by classic Australian rock acts like Cold Chisel, AC/DC, Paul Kelly, and more

    Ball Park Music
    Indie rock / pop band. I love this band.

    Ball Park Music - She Only Loves Me When I'm There (Official Video)

    Middle Kids
    Indie rock band from Sydney. Led by husband and wife Tim Fitz and Hannah Joy. Hannah has an exquisite voice, and channels Florence Welch's signature huge wail at times. They released a self titled EP earlier this year, and have opened for some pretty big acts such as Cold War Kids and Ryan Adams. Definitely a band to watch

    Middle Kids - Edge of Town

    Jessica Mauboy
    Indigenous Australian pop / R&B singer-songwriter, and actress. She was runner up to Australian Idol in 2006. She's extremely talented and has had a successful career since 2008

    Jessica Mauboy - This Ain't Love

    Paul Kelly
    One of the "classic" Aussie artists, Paul Kelly has been making music since 1974. He released a stellar folk-rock album Life Is Fine this year.

    Paul Kelly - Firewood and Candles - official video

    Violent Soho
    Grunge / alternative rock band from Queensland. Their fourth album WACO landed at #1 on the Australian iTunes and ARIA charts. All their songs are catchy, really:

    Violent Soho - Like Soda (Official Video)

    British India
    Indie rock band with a fun new album, Forgetting The Future. Very accessible, big rock and new wave sound

    My Love

    Ceres gathered some buzz here on Chorus last year but will probably blow up before we all know it. Drag It Down On You was one of the best albums of 2016. Powerful, moving emo band


    Cable Ties
    Garage rock band who experiment in krautrock and post punk. Super catchy bass lines that just make their songs

    Cable Ties - Say What You Mean (Official Music Video)

    Georgia June
    Indie rock/pop band influenced by 80's and 90's feminist punk. Full of energy and relatable lyrics

    Cool- Georgia June (Official Music Video)

    Hardcore punk band from Melbourne. They'll be supporting Foo Fighters alongside Weezer early next year for their massive Australian shows.

    Clowns - Destroy The Evidence (Official Music Video)
  12. Omg how did I forget Montaigne

  13. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Courtney Barnett
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  14. Slangster

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    Ruby Fields

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  15. CarpetElf

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    Camp Cope had one of my favorites last year, Gang of Youths has one of my favorites this year.

    Holly Throsby and Mere Women are worth adding as well. Outside of them you covered my main list haha.
  16. I haven't heard the latest Mere Women album, thanks for mentioning them!
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  17. Muskheart Nov 16, 2017
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    #1 dads (alas no more)
    Alex Cameron
    Kirin J Callinan
    The Drones
    Julia Jacklin
    The Babe Rainbow
    Fraser A Gorman
    Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds
    C.W Stoneking
    The Church
    Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird
    D D Dumbo
    Robert Forster
    JP Klipspringer
    Methyl Ethyl
    Lost Animal
    Nick Cave of course
    Slow Dancer
    Teskey Brothers
    Verge Collection
    The list just goes on and on at the moment
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  18. midnightxtaylor


    Surprised no one has mentioned him yet, but since he is in my icon, I feel like I'm obligated to include Troye Sivan. I neeeeed new music from him.
  19. outofgas


    I play in an Indie/Emo band called Spilt Cities based out of Perth. Going to post some friends' bands when I'm free this arvo!

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  20. The Comfort Nov 19, 2017
    (Last edited: Jan 28, 2018)
    As my username may suggest, I play in an alt rock band called The Comfort from Brisbane.

    We signed to Greyscale Records and released this song:

    We've got some plays on Home & Hosed and Goodnights on Triple J and even Daniel Carter's BBC 1 rock show which is awesome.
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  21. outofgas


    Will check this out this afternoon. Any chance you know the We Set Sail boys?
  22. thebloodhound


    I'll chime in with a few I think have been missed, some real genre hopping here but bands/artists that are either iconic or worth a listen;

    Dirty Three
    The Middle East (No Longer around but created a perfect single album)
    Jess Locke
    Ernest Ellis
    The Avalanches
    DD Dumbo
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  23. cwhit

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    Alex Lahey is wearing a Ceres shirt which is pretty cool
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  24. The Comfort Nov 19, 2017
    (Last edited: Nov 19, 2017)
    Know of, their drummer actually works in the same building as me weirdly enough, but we've never played a show together which is odd as they sound more like us than most other Brisbane bands.

    Edit: Just listened to your band, so good, really liking this.
    Will have a proper listen when I'm off work tonight.