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  1. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    Somehow I think ya boi Carter is enough of a lad to be cool with this on his end. And at least he didn't go from making hardcore to being a botch away from The Lumineers or some shit like that.
  2. Dan


    The thing is, they didn't use Carter's vocals without his permission (at least not that I'm aware of). Frank Turner didn't really care that they used his name. He even said it was funny. He cares that they somehow found a demo of his, that he never even released personally, and they put it into their song for their own profit. Even if you want to ignore the legality of it, it's just a shitty thing to do. And I'm sure they knew that it would put Frank in a place where if he tried to do something about it, they'd just use that to bash his reputation as 'not really punk'. It's a win win for them.

    Idk, maybe I'm just old now but I just feel like this band has to resort to asshole trolling antics because their music is nothing exceptional and they'd have half the number of fans without the childish shit they do to manufacture controversy. If I was 20 I'd probably think they were hilarious, but I'm not feeling it now.
  3. atlas


    Their most recent album is incredible and leagues above anything Frank Turner has ever made lol

    also you fundamentally misunderstand the band if you think they're using the sample "for profit"
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  4. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    You said everything necessary here my friend.
  5. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    You seem like a fun guy, for real.
  6. Dan


    I understand that they have released all their music for free thus far. But if you think they did this for anything other than profit, exposure, whatever you want to call it, the band has you fooled lol.
  7. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    And if you think any of us would give a fuck either way then you have yourself fooled, kiddo.
  8. Dan


    Lol, I don't think you would care either way, as you've clearly demonstrated. Musical tastes differ. I personally don't see anything special about The Armed. They aren't bad at all, but there is nothing groundbreaking about them either. You clearly feel the same way about Frank Turner. And that's totally cool! I just don't agree with stealing music from a guy who is known for being super genuine and open to things like this. All about morals and respect, my dudes. No reason to be an asshole just to manufacture a reputation for your band.
  9. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit

    You'd think Frank would be cool with it given it's been 8 years
  10. amorningofsleep

    4am PM

    Fucking lol

  11. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    Goddamn. I mean, are we supposed to be surprised some white guy who went to Eton wants to argue the semantics of racism with a person of colour?
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