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    I wish I had a job where I got paid to not work in the name of scientific studies on human happiness
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    Are you posting in the right thread?
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    I went to listen to it this weekend and was very disappointed.
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  4. activepassive Nov 8, 2018
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    Hey all.

    Back in college, I skipped classes all day to work on an Appleseed Cast mixtape, but I was building it out in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation a la GarageBand) more like a remix. I got embarrassed that I skipped classes to make a mixtape and deleted it. I've always regretted it.

    15 years later, I've finally finished the project.

    I essentially wanted to leave 95% of the core songs themselves untouched but have seamless and playful/thoughtful transitions. Every single major release is represented. I hope this is a good entry point for those that haven't heard this incredible band yet, but also a good touchstone for those like myself who are lifelong fans.

    Runtime is roughly an hour.

    Tracklist [X. Track Title (Album Title)]
    1. Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets (Mare Vitalis)
    2. A Bright Light (Sagarmatha)
    3. Untitled 1/2 (End of the Ring Wars)
    4. Barrier Islands (Illumination Ritual)
    5. Fight Song (Two Conversations)
    6. Signal (Low Level Owl Vol I)
    7. Here We Are (Family in the Hallways) (Peregrine)
    8. End Frigate Constellation (Middle States EP)
    9. Novice (Lost Songs)
    10. Rooms and Gardens (Low Level Owl Vol II)
    11. Mare Mortis (Mare Vitalis)
    12. Innocent Vigilant Ordinary (Two Conversations)
    13. Peregrine (Peregrine)
    14. Dreamland (End of the Ring Wars)

    Thoughts on this format? Have you come across something like this for a band? Is this worthwhile? Who would you love to see given this treatment?
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    No marigold? For shame
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    I'm only on the second track, but that first transition was sex. This is amazing. Bless you for doing this.
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    This is a really cool idea! I'll be sure to check it out tonight. Thanks for sharing!
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    I very pointedly was not trying to put together a greatest hits. I wanted to leave some nuggets (Steps and Numbers, Marigold, On Reflection, Fishing the Sky, etc.) to discover if listeners choose to dive deeper. I was saying to some friends I could've picked 14 different songs and it would've been just as strong, if not stronger. Every major release is represented with at least one track and there is a mix of lesser and more notable.
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    perfect band
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    Thank you so much for checking it out! I think there are some better transitions later I'm glad you're already stoked on it.
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    today has been quite a ride
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    so I guess they didn’t record this year or scrapped the new recordings
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    Of sugar and ice I am made

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    I'm not sure, it's really confusing.

    I think it's $25 for the full song (although it may be an early recording/demo version) and the shirt, and $20 for just the shirt.
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    It’s a miracle, but I’m also not trying to buy a shirt to hear a song so I’ll just wait for it to surface
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    That would make much more sense. I wonder if the page got set up wrong?

    Regardless, new Appleseed Cast next year! Hopefully!
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    Also Peregrine is back on spotify!
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    this band can do no wrong
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    except when they are doing nothing

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    $27 shipping on the shirt to Australia, ouch
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    Finally! I see the album color changed too
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    That shirt is actually pretty cool
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    The song is incredible, it’s TAC absolutely at the top of their game
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    Good idea. Selling a demo version of the song with a shirt to raise a little scratch before they record. So stoked they're making another record.