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The 89th Academy Awards (2017) Movie • Page 48

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by OhTheWater, Jan 24, 2017.

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    People probably didn't get too up in arms about Passengers' Academy Award nominations because it only got two, they were for a technical award and a music award, and the movie did badly both critically and at the box office. I won't dispute it deserves criticism, but Hacksaw Ridge is a racist and xenophobic film and I saw less critique of its politics than the plot of Passengers. Zootopia gets into troubling political waters with its racial assignments, Kubo and the Two Strings has non-white characters played by a white cast. None of this is to defend Passengers, but other problematic movies garnered more success, money, and award nominations (and wins) in categories that actually attest to the quality of the film as a whole. That's probably why Passengers slid in the priorities.
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    I honestly don't plan to watch Hacksaw Ridge, it just doesn't really interest me, so can you explain why you feel it's racist and xenophobic? This isn't the first time I've seen you say this and I'm genuinely curious. I don't care about spoilers
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    And being a period piece id assume you get leeway to be that if presenting what it was like at the time.
    Also black spoilers Nathan. I do want to see this film unruined

    Do non white roles by white people really matter all that much in an animated film?
    I mean it was nice in an Moana they used Polynesian decent voice talent, But it's not like in a regular film, where it's should be the standard
  6. I don't watch a lot of war movies. Don't they usually dehumanize the enemy? Isn't that what people do in real life anyway? I'm not saying it isn't worth talking about, I just didn't think of it as "it's racist because Mel Gibson is racist." I liked how the movie portrayed Andrew Garfield's character, but maybe it didn't have to also be racist.

    If Moana could do it, then I don't think it's too much to ask to want to hold animated films to the same standard.
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    Just curious, does this also apply for like Studio Ghibli movies that get transferred onto Bluray via Disney and feature actors like Liam Neeson and Dakota Fanning?
  9. I never really thought of that. Those are made and voiced by Japanese people before that happens, though.

    It's one thing for a Ghost in the Shell dub to hire white voice actors. It's another to make a live action movie of it and cast ScarJo when there are badass Asian women in the American film industry right now who should've and could've gotten the job instead.
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    Gibson hyperextols Doss' Christanity and Patriotism in the name of killing Japanese people. Yes, it's a war film. Yes, the Japanese, like Americans, committed horrific atrocities during the war. But Doss has a dream sequence that plays like an anti-Japanese propoganda film. It's tonally shot like a horror film where a Japanese face is the scare. Doss himself saved both American and Japanese soldiers on the battlefield: in the film Gibson has a character mention in a throwaway line that, after saving those Japanese soldiers, American soldiers then killed them anyway. A Japanese military official commits a ritual suicide that Gibson shoots so weirdly beautiful it plays triumphantly, like a victory, rather than an examination of the extremes of faith and belief. At least that's my reading.
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  11. Yup, all those things bothered me.
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    Cheers for the blanking

    Also watched Moonlight last night. Excellent film. The direction for some reason reminded me of Requiem for a Dream without the fast cuts.
    The teenage years actor was fantastic. I still enjoyed Manchester slightly more. But both far more than La La. Slowly getting through all nominees
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    He took a photo of Emma Stone after she got off and tweeted it. Got mixed up busy doing his Emma Stone cell phone excitement and then deleted the pic he posted after the mess up as far as I'm aware.
    There's a really funny video of him and his female colleague bragging about how important the two of them are pre Oscars
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    i actually think this controversy has put more of a spotlight on MOONLIGHT. While the 'moment' may have been robbed a bit, I think a lot more people are aware of the movie because of the controversy
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    Conspiracy theory. The mix up was on purpose to make sure the controversial Affleck winning was not the thing talked about the next day ;)