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    We've posted and talked about several reviews across these 504 pages of discussion about the album. I've personally shared 1 or 2 I'm pretty sure. Just gotta go back a few dozen pages to when the album came out.
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    Also where the fuck is the Philly date you scrubs
  3. angel paste

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    and matty actually makes dope music instead of just arbitrarily assigning numbers to other people’s music
  4. angel paste

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    i don’t know what we did to deserve this tbh
  5. WildlifeRooms

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    you guys keep telling me you wanna stop talking about it but then have to get the last word in with the jabs at TND
  6. angel paste

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    omg so did you
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    I will say I was really rooting for WildlifeRooms as a new poster on the site until the Wizard Hunt post.
  8. WildlifeRooms

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    gotta admit though, that was pretty funny
  9. angel paste

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    you can’t be like “i’m done talking about it! oh but also something else whack that needs to be addressed” and then get annoyed at people for addressing it?
  10. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    He had "Sargon of Akkad" (yeah, the guy just banned from Paetron) on his podcast. It's still on his channel.

    I'm not one to think once someone's done something "problematic" they should be shunned for life. Anyone that's followed my writing online for the past 20 years should know that, and know I've done and said some fucking stupid shit. (I still do and say stupid shit.) But the process of accountability, understanding, learning, and trying to do better matters.

    Leaving this podcast up and monetizing it ... shows me he just doesn't get it. Couple that with all of the really weird defensiveness vs certain artists on his twitter feed AND, as I said before, my complete lack of respect for him as a critic, and that's why we're where we are. I'll leave it at that.
  11. OhTheWater

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    Yeah I think it goes:
    1. Condoning alt-right figureheads and giving them money and attention and then not owning up to it and continuing to do it
    2. Being a really bad music critic
    3. Being a 4chan meme
    4. Getting a lot of shitty nerdy racist white kids ironically into hip hop because a dork told them it was good
  12. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    Also I've been writing online for over 20 years.

    Fuck I'm getting old. Like ... I found a gray hair in one of my zoots ... old.
  13. unbornwhiskey


    before that fader piece happened, i had discovered dude's meme youtube channel myself and it was basically him playing around with like... very fucked up/racist/sexist 4chan memes. the fader piece was pretty fucking accurate about that! he also participated in a video called "questions white men have for sjws" which, i'm not gonna link it here bc it's fucking depressing and evil imo
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    grey hairs, get out of me zoots!
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  16. WildlifeRooms

    la dispute forever

  17. angel paste

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    it all makes sense now
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    Blakebeats returns
  19. sophos34

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    Ronald McDonald is cool

    the McDonald’s mascot not the music reviewer
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    Hamburglar >>>>
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  21. nohandstoholdonto

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    obviously I don’t agree with the context it was used in, but good lord “wizard hunt” made me laugh
  22. Matt Chylak

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    Like context in a modern debate, he just took it out.
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  23. Smage

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    Seriously think Surrounded is my favorite song on here
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    Graham Norton has announced that the 1975 will be performing on his show next week. Can’t wait for that.
  25. Carrow

    Japanese Bonus Track

    If I recall It's Not Living is the current 'actual' single so it might be that?