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Thanks to Audible

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 25, 2016.

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    My thanks to for sponsoring Chorus this week. They are currently offering a free 30-day trial that comes with two free audio books, and if you’ve got any kind of commute, I can’t recommend finding some time to listen to audibooks enough. One of the things I love about Audible is how easy they make the return process — if you order something to check out, start it and don’t like it, they’re really great about letting you return the book without any hassle.

    I’ve been currently reading Ready Player One and so if you’re looking for something new to check out, that’s definitely worth giving a look.

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  2. Garrett

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    I can't recommend Ready Player One enough, so I'm glad you're enjoying it @Jason Tate.

    Wish I could take advantage of this Audible deal to get two more books. Think everyone should at least try it out.
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  3. Blake Solomon

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    RPone was hands down the best fiction book i read last year. Armada is also good, but not quite as thrilling and original as his first one.
  4. Next up on my list! Gonna give it a run!
  5. Vivatoto

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    Just needed to drop by and point out Ready Player One is the best
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