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Ten Years Since ‘The Dark Knight’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 16, 2018.

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    It’s been ten years since the release of The Dark Knight. Matt Patches writes about the film over at Polygon:

    The Dark Knight is elegantly excessive, a confluence of Nolan’s film-tech obsessions, philosophical puzzles, and wealth of popcorn movie knowledge. Everything that can be explored — architecture, performance, film chemistry, noir tropes, screenwriting “rules,” practical special effects, Ethics 101, action geography, orchestral sound, the Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale, pragmatic costuming, the spectrum of humor, truck mechanics — is explored.

    The lead-up to this movie, my massive expectations, and then finally seeing it and it being as good as I wanted, was maybe the most fulfilling moviegoing experience of my life. It remains one of my favorite movies to this day.

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  2. KyleK

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    Agreed entirely with your commentary Jason. I can't remember anticipating another movie more...although Casino Royale was up there for me too. I've recently watched a few of the new DC movies with Batman, and just as I expected, it just made me miss the tone and quality of Nolan's trilogy.
  3. carlosonthedrums

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    Saw it twice in IMAX and five times total in theaters. I miss film experiences like this. I miss directors being as ambitious as this. What a great read.
  4. Serenity Now

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  5. smoke4thecaper

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    Goddamn. That was a crazy time, that month prior to it’s release. I remember the buzz around APnet at the time was at a fever pitch I haven’t seen elsewhere, on any other forum, since. It came out on my mom’s birthday and I had to break it to her that, “we can celebrate that later; but first! Batman.” She understood.

    Probably the last time I saw a movie 3 times in under 7 days, too.
  6. Serh

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    Yeah I'd give this 5 stars on Letterboxd probz
  7. contra11mundum

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    I remember going to Warped Tour that Thursday and then going to see the midnight premier. I was nervous that it couldn’t possibly live up to my expectations. As Jason said, exceeded them.

    What a film.
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  8. Saephon


    The Dark Knight was the first and last film good enough to get me to see it in IMAX.
  9. MightyBrian

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    I remember I already saw the movie 3 times and my girlfriend at the time and I were having dinner and we overheard an older couple (had to be in their 60s-70s) talk about how awesome the movie was to their friends with such hypeness that after we finished dinner we had to go see it again.
  10. Craig Manning

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    Jesus Christ, I feel like I was sitting down for the midnight showing of this like two weeks ago. Can’t believe this is a decade old.
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  11. TheJMan


    What really stuck out to me about this movie and also The Dark Knight Rises is just how good the trailers were. It felt like they showed you so much of the movie in those 30 seconds to 2 minutes trailers but they really didn't. It really helped build the anticipation of these films. TDK is definitely in my top 10 favorite movies of all time. The acting, the action, the cinematography, everything about this film was great.
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  12. arewehavingfunyet


    Meh, I preferred Batman Begins.