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Temple of the Dog Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Jason Tolpin, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Jason Tolpin


    Based on the 5 day tour, it's necessary to discuss the 'supergroup'.

    They weren't a supergroup when I spun their vinyl in the 90s.

    They had just lost their friend to drugs, and found it cathartic to record.

    What <I> deem Seattle Sound is this.
  2. Steve_JustAGuy


    Not the biggest fan of Soundgarden or Pearl Jam, but damn if "Hunger Strike" isn't perfect.
  3. Jason Tolpin


    I dont know if I can say 'Perfect' or not.... but if thats ever playing on the radio, you <know> Im stopping and listening to it....

    92 was <so> good for music....
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  4. Jason Tolpin


  5. Phillip


    Yeah yeah, everyone loves Hunger Strike, but Pushin Forward Back is the jam. The scene in Benny and Joon where Depp is cleaning to that song? So good.
  6. Jason Tolpin


    I forgot about that part. I was working the movie theater at the time when that came out, I think.

    Funny movie for Depp. But I dont think it did very well.

    I had to check. 1993. Very early in his career. Right after Edward Scissorhands.