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Tegan and Sara - Sainthood Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by GooberSandwich, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. GooberSandwich

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    Let's celebrate a wonderful album and recommend anything similar!
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  2. GooberSandwich

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  3. stuckinvhs

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  4. GooberSandwich

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    Agreed. I can just keep coming back to this album and discover something new. The feeling of euphoria associated never dissipates
  5. Threads

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    My favorite Tegan and Sara album.

    On Directing, Red Belt, and The Cure are my favorites.
  6. GooberSandwich

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    "Over you!"
  7. Penguin

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    This is still my favorite Tegan and Sara album. I actually started listening to them after reading the Sainthood review on and seeing all the love it got in the comments.
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  8. George Apr 5, 2016
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    Story time.

    In 2009, just before this album was released I was in Vancouver, I was eighteen and had just split up with my first "real" girlfriend. I'd just booked a 36 (!!!) hour bus ride from Vancouver to San Francisco, and before I went I downloaded 11* Tegan and Sara songs at random from a file sharing website. I knew a wee bit about them beforehand, but had never really listened to them.

    Over the course of that 36 hour ride through American nothingness and service stations, I listened to those 11 songs constantly. As soon as I'd heard them, I put them straight back on repeat again and again and again. They hit me like a ton of bricks in a way that I've never experienced before or since. Usually with bands and music, it takes a while for me to love an artist, I like them initially and gradually that builds up to loving their music over time. This was instantaneous for me.

    As soon as I got to San Francisco, I bought So Jealous, The Con and the just released Sainthood, at the first record store I found. I had no way of actually listening to the CDs for a couple of weeks, so I just devoured and pored over the lyrics and imagined what the songs that went along with them would sound like. After a few weeks, I caught the bus back and listened to those same 11 songs again.

    Having three of their albums to listen to at once, and already adoring their music, was a bit overwhelming at first, but they were basically all I listened to for the next month or so.

    *The 11 songs if anyone is interested; Frozen, Not Tonight, Back in Your Head, Burn Your Life Down, The Con, Dark Come Soon, Call It Off, I Bet it Stung, I Know I Know I Know, Walking With A Ghost and We Didn't Do It.
  9. GooberSandwich

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    This is exactly how I got into them as well! I had never heard of them before reading all the love it got on I pored over their discography after obsessing over that album.
    That's amazing. Those are a great set of songs to have randomly thrown at you as an introduction on a cross country road trip. I can only imagine the perfect storm of emotions that latched onto those songs and never let go.