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Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by lightning13, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Yeah I mean don't get me wrong, when Win10 works, it works great. I love the UI and I always did my main app development on a Win 10 VM and never really had issues on it. Just doesn't seem to play well on my laptop
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    Don't have anything useful to say wrt the display problems (sorry), but I've also had generally positive experiences with Win 10. I actually willingly switched to Win 8 back when it first came out and always preferred it to Win 7, too. Whenever I have to use a machine with 7 it feels slightly less responsive overall, but maybe it's my imagination.
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    Samsung Suddenly Exposes Radical New Galaxy Smartphone

    Pretty incredible. Samsung is working on tech to hide cameras and sensors behind an OLED display panel so they are completely hidden when not in-use. Say goodbye to notches and hello to bezel-less displays

    Theyre also revolutionizing how in-display finger print scanners can work, and looking into tech to use the screen itself as a single giant surface to conduct sound
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    Actually some pretty cool tech here.
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