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Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by aranea, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Not sure where to really post this, but how do I get an add moved back to the top of the screen. Some sites there will be an add banner at the top of the page. One day it moved to the bottom of the page and really gets in the way to where I accidentally click on it when I'm trying to click on something else. Anyone know how to move it back to the top?
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    My girlfriend is looking to pick up a kindle that is glare free for our holiday. She doesn’t need it to do anything fancy. Just able to read books and have wi fi connection for downloads, updates etc. Anyone know what one would be ideal for her. MUST be glare free. Thanks in advance.
  7. The basic one will do that. I like the Paperwhite more because I enjoy the backlight for reading at night and a better dpi. If you don’t need a backlight, the simple entry level one will be great for her.
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    That’s great. Thank you.
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    What Jason said.
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  10. So I have a VPN/DNS question

    I got an amazon fire tv on prime day as a way to install Kodi and exodus for fun and I thought it’d be a good way to not need to change my Apple tv’s DNS all the time to watch dodger games. Well turns out I can’t change the dns on the fire tv stick so I looked around on my unblock-us account and they mention doing VPN as well. I don’t know the different and all the googling I’ve done seems to just confuse me. What’s the simplest way to explain the difference and benefits of doing one over the other? Seems VPN is done directly to my router as opposed to what I was doing before: changing my DNS to watch in-market dodger games on my Apple TV using the mlb app and having to change it back to watch Netflix.

    Anyone got a readers digest ELI5 explanation that’ll at least help me wrap my mind around it? Thanks!
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  12. ChaseTx

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    Anyone have recs for task managers/to-do list kind of apps for Android? I downloaded Todoist and last weekend and didn't mess with them too much but both of them seemed kind of flawed or complicated.

    I just want to be able to sync events from Google Calendar and Facebook and also add in to-do tasks and set reminder notifications for everything
  13. RyanPm40

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    Have you tried Google Keep? It's a notes app, but it lets you create checklists and set up reminders. I haven't used it for more than shopping lists, but it looks like it'd get the job done for you.

    It looks like when you create a reminder in Keep, it automatically syncs it to your google calendar and provides a link to the note. I'm doubting any sort of Facebook syncing, though, but who knows.
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    Ok so my hard drive died and now I’m looking into a new desktop. Ones I am looking at have HDDs and then a smaller SSD. I’m told that SSDs will improve performance, but what is the point of having both? Would I then have a C drive as well as one for the SSD?
  15. RyanPm40

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    IMO, the point of having both is to save $$ in having a lot of storage while still having improved performance. You can put your process-intensive stuff on the SSD, like your OS so the machine will boot up almost instantly, and storing the files you use the most on there so they also perform more quickly. Then, you can have a cheap 1TB HDD to store all your other crap.

    A typical SSD is definitely more expensive than an HDD mainly because it uses flash storage to save data, kind of like RAM in a computer, and has no spinning discs involved. I'd personally steer clear of having a hybrid setup with an HDD if you have a laptop because one small drop could ruin the spinning disc storage, but if it's a desktop setup, it's a pretty good value.
  16. DeRRek


    Ok, I am looking to get decent speakers for my audio technika LP 120 turntable and have narrowed it down to the edifier r1280t and the Marshall Acton speakers purely down to reviews/price. Does anyone on here have either of these speakers to vouch for/ know someone that does? Or could recommend better ones for similar price? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    I'm finally about to update my Mac to Mojave... I'm gonna check out the dark mode app you posted about, Jason! My MacBook Pro is a late 2012 model, so I think this will likely be the last major upgrade I'll be able to do lol.
  18. Sean Murphy

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    TIL google+ was still a thing
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    I thought Google+ died a long time ago lol
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    If anyone considering buying a smart TV looks at an LG TV and thinks "wow, that price is too good to be true" - you're right.

    My 4K smart TV is a little over a year old and it's turned into a piece of junk within that time frame. Originally worked great, then randomly started freezing so I had to turn it off/on to work again, and now my wifi module seems to be broken. I watch like 3 minutes of a Youtube video and the entire thing drops internet connection until I turn it off/on again. I'm resorting to my Chromecast and Apple TV now, which sucks since they only support 1080p playback.

    I should've known better after having multiple phones from them that were the most defective pieces of tech I've ever owned. I was hoping it was only their mobile division that sucked, but I'm staying away from all LG products for good. It's a shame because their WebOS platform on their TVs is very smooth and user friendly. I'll be looking at Samsung and Sony TVs in the future.
  21. RyanPm40

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    Has anyone else experienced a bunch of instability and bugs with Windows 10?

    Got a new Win 10 laptop for work (used to have Win7) and it keeps randomly dropping my wifi. In addition to that, my screen resolution never automatically updates if I plug it into a monitor unless I log out and log back in, and if I extend my monitors, the resolution always looks messed up and fuzzy on one screen, regardless of what I do in my display settings. ESPECIALLY in Office 2016 products.

    Never had these issues with the old laptop. I'm considering putting this new one in a drawer for awhile and continue to use my old machine until someone forces me to switch.
  22. Those issues seem strange. You have all the latest display drivers? Are you sure your output port can handle driving the monitor you’re trying to drive? I have strange WiFi issues on a really old laptop I use to run windows insider preview builds on but that hasn’t happened in months. The latest release (1809 I think?) on my main workstation killed my audio drivers and it was a very well documented issue I just forgot to turn off the auto update feature so I had to roll back to a restore point which I’d never done before.
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  23. RyanPm40 Oct 16, 2018
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    Yeah it should be able to handle the monitor, it's just an HDMI running to a pretty basic 1080P monitor at home, but I dock to two of them at work. It's a brand new HP elitebook

    Did some googling around and seems like a lot of people have display issues when changing to a different resolution monitor while still signed in. For me, it's especially bad at home when I have my small laptop screen used as a secondary monitor to my main monitor, so it doesn't know how to handle two different screen resolutions at a given time. What a bummer and weird issue.

    I'm sure I am behind on updates since I'm in a big enterprise company so we lock everything down until we get a thorough security review in-house and then it gets pushed to us. It's super annoying that we don't really have much admin control over our machines. Maybe I'll try calling our help desk to update my display and wifi adapter drivers and see if they help. So far I'm very unimpressed with Win10 though, definitely have more problems with it than 7 :-/
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  24. Oh bummer. I fell for windows 10 in version 1. I feel it’s only gotten better but I’m not behind a corporate firewall.
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