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Teaching a Brand New Fan to Fish (Encore Episode 121) Podcast

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 22, 2016.

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    This week’s episode of Encore tackles a bunch of listener questions, things like: why would anyone defend The Story So Far kicking a fan? What were our favorite bands growing up and do we still listen to them? What services we use to discover new music? And why do I post about mainstream music these days? We also talk about Taylor Swift and Jimmy Eat World, Moose Blood signing with Hopeless Records, and Green Day, Blink-182, and Brand New.


    • Creep Records: Creep Records out of Philadelphia are a great little record shop and label. They’ve got a bunch of releases coming up like JANK’s Awkward Pop Songs on 5/27, Pains of Being Pure at Heart’s Hell EP on 7/29, and Vita and The Woolf’s Tunnels on 9/30. Use the coupon code: “CHORUSMENDSBROKENHEARTS” for a discount in their online store, follow them on Twitter, and make definitely check out what they have going on.
    • Commemorative Pin: We’ve got a special logo pin that we are selling for just a little bit longer, if you want one, make sure you pre-order it now!
    Hosts + More

    Show Notes

    • We talk about some stuff we’ve been into lately.
    • Lots of listener questions today:
      • Parker Cannon drop kicked a girl off stage. I like TSSF,but why are people always rushing to defend him? Am I missing something?
      • What was your favorite band while growing up? And do you still enjoy them? How often do you listen to older favorites as opposed to new bands?
      • What free service do you recommend for finding new artists in genres you’re not familiar with?
      • and now Chorus evolved from covering mostly underground music to covering just about everything, including mainstream stuff; why did that shift happen, was it about making money, and was it a tough call to start covering more broadly appealing music?
    • Some various news:
    • JT Recommends: JJ Redick’s podcast with Brandon Roy, The Shape of Brat Pop to Come, The West Wing, Kimmy Schmidt is back.
    • TN Recommends: The movie Chef, and Steven Hyden’s new podcast Celebration Rock.

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  2. J.Dick


    I forgot to mention that one of my favorite recent runs on Batman was when Dick Grayson was in the cape and cowl. You might have to read a lot of Grant Morrison's run but the Batman and Robin book is like 4 trades and it rules. Scott Snyder's Black Mirror and Gates of Gotham came out around the same time and they were amazing.

    Huge Dick Grayson fan here.
  3. Steve_JustAGuy Apr 22, 2016
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    Just wanted to say thanks for putting the podcast on Google Play. Would also be curious to hear your thoughts on the passing of Prince. Not even sure if he's in your wheelhouse taste wise, but I've been reading a lot of great content about it and was wondering your (both you guys) thoughts if you have any.
  4. Eric Wilson

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    That Holychild album is really good. I listen to that one quite a bit. Saw them open for Walk the Moon last fall, and after the show, got to meet them when they were out in the lobby as people were leaving. Very nice people.
  5. CMilliken


    Always a great listen. I think Thomas nailed why Green Day's album rumors have been received so poorly. To write two (in my opinion) amazing albums in American idiot and 21st then to crap on those with the trilogy killed everything they had going for them. There were a handful of songs from Uno, Dos, Tré that could have made one decent album. I'm excited for it as long as it's better than those last three.
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  6. J.Dick


    I'm sure the pressure to release 3 albums in 3 months has to be difficult but The reality of a trilogy of records is just ridiculous. Double trouble when your main dude has to go to rehab and can't really promote the records every month when they are released.

    My biggest issue is just how terrible those records are lyrically. Hard to believe it's the same guy who wrote American Idiot or even 21st Century.
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  7. SoundInTheSignals Apr 22, 2016
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    @Bake_Wear /

    I'm one of those longtime pre-Enema era Blink fans and it always felt like to me Mark was more popular with fans originally because he had the big singles (to be fair I feel like the die-hard blink fans that I talked to a lot during that time were AOL AIM or message board fans - the band didn't have a big following were I was from until the big Enema explosion). After "All The Small Things" hit big and then Tom kind of cultivated "the look" he really did take center stage with fans a lot more. Maybe Mark stuck around with that one ear ring look a little too long haha.
  8. CMilliken


    Very true. I think the only trilogy records I like all three was done by Mae. And those were technically ep's. It's a daunting thing to do I'm sure but I'd rather have quality over quantity.
  9. GEM37

    She haunts the roads

    I remember my favorite bands when I was 13 were Linkin Park, Simple Plan, and Disturbed. I go back and listen to the old stuff occasionally, and I'll still listen to a new album when it drops, but I haven't been an 'active' fan of any of those bands in a long time.

    But if I'm honest, I think my musical tastes evolved laterally as opposed to chronologically. My favorite bands now are Deftones, Unwritten Law, and Third Eye Blind. Will still pick up anything put out by blink-182, Kanye West, and whatever Charlie Simpson is doing - sight unseen.

    (Oh, and Barenaked Ladies were my ATF for a long time between these two periods, but their last two albums truly do sound like the corny, white Dad Rock they're so often accused of making.)
  10. JRGComedy

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    Can we figure out a better thread to discuss the podcast? I miss the 35-40 post deep threads with cool information.
  11. JRGComedy

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