Taylor Swift Wins Lawsuit

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 14, 2017.

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  2. oakhurst


    Good for her
  3. benschuyler

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    As she should.
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    Frame it
  6. CMilliken


    Awesome!! Good for her.
  7. bradsonemanband

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    She rules
  8. Kiana

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    The lawyers closing statement was disgusting and it's awful Taylor had to listen to it or go thru this trial at all. Glad she got a deserved win
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  10. chhholly123

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    I'm glad she won, and I hope she really does help other women.
  11. NewSurrender

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    I'm glad she won this too!!
  12. jorbjorb


    Awesome. That DJ is a prick.
  13. goation


    I've never been more proud to be a massive Taylor Swift fan
  14. kaylasananjou

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    Taylor is routinely named the most charitable celebrity in the world. If she says she's going to do it, she's going to. People have such a weird image of her.
  15. chhholly123

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    I'm a huge fan, and I know she's very charitable. I guess I meant I hope other women are inspired to come forward and I hope people are more likely to believe them because of her example.
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