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Taylor Swift Rocks Out to Jimmy Eat World

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 18, 2016.

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  2. aranea

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    It's so weird she's doing this after all that previous conflict with Apple hahaha
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  3. bobby_runs

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  4. joe.boy.fresh.


    Honestly my heart can't take it with her. Ughhhhh. Heart eyes for days.
  5. Eric Wilson

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    These have been fantastic. Curious what the next song will be.
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  6. Gen Martinez

    Listen To Saves The Day.

    Good for JEW. Love those dudes.
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  7. aranea

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  8. Ben Buchnat

    Whatever. Forever.

  9. peoplearepoison

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    Mid 30's emo dad's are pissed
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  10. St. Nate

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  11. aranea

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    Okay, I just felt like I was being mocked - I was confused at first. I don't really keep up with stuff that much, didn't realize that. I guess that makes sense though.
  12. razorburn


    Just awesome.
  13. Brenden

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    Yes. I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees that.
  14. There's nothing in the history of Apple or their marketing department that would make me think any part of the stuff with Taylor was staged. That's just not how they work, and they wouldn't run some campaign that makes them look bad for any amount of time. It's far more likely that the discussions were opened up because of Taylor's letter and it led to two companies working together after dialogue was started. She was clearly a fan of Apple, they're clearly a fan of having the biggest ambassadors of music in their camp, but I've seen nothing that leads me to believe Apple would have somehow staged the interactions with Taylor as any kind of marketing ploy. It's so completely not part of their styke in virtually every way.
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  15. fredwordsmith

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    Wait, just me? No, I'm not. Having seen her live, I can say she's worth the money. My love for JEW and TS doesn't mean only one can exist.

    I think this commercial is a bit cringeworthy, but if it means they sell a few more copies of the Middle for the 4 people who hadn't heard that song before, that's fucking great.
  16. This just makes me happy.
  17. Brenden

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    I guess it's more of she last year in some ways became the face of the I'm not streaming my music because it screws over the artist in getting any sort of compensation and really brought it to Apple for their plan to not pay anyone for anything during trial periods. Then she looks like a hypocrite for taking all that money to basically become the face of the streaming service. That's really my point. I don't have a conspiracy theory that this was a PR plan. She only stuck to her guns in my mind until a wad of cash was presented in front of her to endorse the thing.
  18. Jason Tate Apr 18, 2016
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    That was never her position. Her music was on the paid streaming services, just not the free tier. Her position was against the freemium model, not the streaming model.
    She said she didn't like something, the policy was changed because of this, then she worked with the company that changed their policy ... how is that a hypocrite?
  19. Brenden

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    Eh. Lets just agree to disagree.
  20. Kiana

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    She's always been a big fan! During the Speak Now tour she'd write lyrics on her arm every night and wrote lyrics to Hear You Me, The Middle, For Me This Is Heaven, and Mixtape on various dates.

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  21. Brenden

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    As much as I like Tom Mullins of Washed Up Emo I couldn't help but roll my eyes on his comments about this. Of any of the bands he likes a good part of the population knows Jimmy Eat World.
  22. Rico Suave


    This would apply to Clarity, not Bleed American.
  23. bobby_runs

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    I mean I still hear "The Middle" on the adult contemporary station every few months (when in the car with my mom).
  24. Schooner


    Is that legit?
    Very cool.
    Surprised she never had Jim or the band do the special guest thing for her on 1989
  25. Brenden

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    Jim talking about being on a previous tour your was pretty good. It's why I respect her as a business person. She essentially owns every aspect of her tour.