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Taylor Swift Releases “New Romantics” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Kristen


    I think it's even more obvious now that her "spat" about Apple Music free trial was planned
  3. Doesn't it seem more likely that it lead to the two sides talking and opening a dialogue for further collaboration?
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  4. i hate this video. i love this song. so many feelings. haha.
  5. Kristen


    Possibly. I have no idea what went on between Apple and Taylor but I guess I'm just skeptical of her now.
  6. Aj LaGambina

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    I don't really understand why it would matter at this point though. Even if it was planned, how does it affect you the listener? (Not firing shots here, genuinely curious.)
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  7. Kristen


    It doesn't affect me as a listener. I'm still a fan of her music. I was just making a comment regarding Taylor and her relationship with Apple
  8. strangeterrain


    Same thing I thought after her April Fool's treadmill video. Still love her and her music, though. (Wish her music was on Spotify still.)
  9. hallowblue

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    Love this song, Love it even more that my favorite Japanese trash reality tv show uses it as the theme song.
  10. macbethfan

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    I have trouble understand the logic connecting the two events. Taylor spoke out against something she deemed unfair during Apple Music's trial period, and the two parties worked together to make it right. She used her power for something that benefitted many artists. Yes, it seems like Taylor and Apple are working together on much better terms now, and I'm all for it. That ad was hilarious to me.

    With that said, depending on how the music landscape is during her next album release, I could see her pulling an Adele and still making her album purchase-only in the beginning, just like 1989. We'll have to see though.
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  11. MrSwetz

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    Same boat as you...people are still hesitant to attribute success and songwriting to Taylor Swift, and I think that will forever be the case. I don't think the Apple or Taylor needed the publicity bump, nor do I think either companies (as in the Swift-enterprise) would manufacture a fake argument for the sake of publicity. Too much at stake on both ends.
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  12. Liz

    Ew, David

    I've never used Apple Music and I'm confused as to how this works--do you have to have an itunes account to watch this video?
  13. therookielot

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    She's still milking this album aye?

    I mean it's good, but I just wanna hear some new stuff