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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Garrett L., Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Anna Acosta

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    that song is a gift for people with trauma full stop
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  2. SpyKi

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    The way she sings "it was so niiiice" is honestly so nice.
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  3. Anna Acosta

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    it's so peaceful and quiet
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  4. Garrett L.

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    This has become my train album in Italy and rolling through the hills of Veneto between Venice and Verona had me more up in my feels than Drake so yeah
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  5. this is incredible. INCREDIBLE.
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  6. oh buddy you're in for a great time, that area is so sick.
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  7. Garrett L.

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    Verona showed off today. On its day, it can compete for prettiest city in Italy, easy. We’re already down to Florence for the next couple of days.

    I lived over here for three semesters in/after college attending/interning at a study abroad program. My mom never got to come visit, so we finally finished saving up and now we’re doing far too much far quickly because she had A List of Things To See and I can’t say no to my mom :crylaugh:
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  8. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I've heard Verona is fair, and there are two households both alike in dignity
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  9. check out Bologna, it's not that far off from there any more haha
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  10. Garrett L.

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    it’s a love(ly) story so baby I’ll say yes
  11. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  12. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  13. Garrett L.

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    Taylor and Lizzo *fans self*
  14. Anna Acosta

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    "Acoustic, the way that I wrote them". I'm workshopping my new album right now and I gotta tell you, my voice notes are NOWHERE NEAR as coherent as hers. More like profanity laced and full of mumbling.

    Anyway, I'm allowing this to make me hope she does an acoustic tour, even though it would actually shorten my life expectancy.
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  15. irthesteve

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    I actually just got tickets to that concert;-p;-p;-p;-p
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  16. Matt Chylak

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    Had tickets to the Paris show but couldn't get to Paris :(
  17. irthesteve

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    So I figured that the Cautious Clay co-write was actually writing with him, turns out it's because "London Boy" actually interpolates "Cold War" and I never noticed it til right now but listening back to Cold War again it feels so obvious

  18. bobby_runs

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    I guess this could be a hot take and might have already been discussed but maybe Taylor and Co. knew that “Old Town Road” was going to dominate the summer and held back “Cruel Summer.” She could still release it as a summer anthem in 2020 to promote her Lover Tour a little more.
  19. somethingwitty


    The Dixie Chicks Return to Country Radio, Prompting Angry Calls

    Not a Taylor fan, at all...but what the fuck is wrong with country radio? It’s fucking toxic...the amount of country artists who just bow to these station programmers is insane...

    How is country radio the only terrestrial form of radio to still breaks artists via the platform? It’s so archaic...is it because most country fans slew older, white, and possibly in less technologically advanced parts of the country where streaming isn’t part of their lives?

    The Dixie Chicks, Kacey, Brandi, and a whole host of other women just keep getting disregarded for the bro-country (Luke Bryan, Kane Brown, Florida Georgia Line, etc) acts which just keep appropriating hip hop to sell records. You goto these bro-country shows and it’s just Becky and Chads in jean shorts and tied up flannel shirts...it’s an embarrassing genre.
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  20. Kiana

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    I have a friend who was raised conservative and grew up on country music. She is liberal now but still sometimes struggles with things she was told as a child and never rly questioned. One of them was the Dixie chicks controversy. She said her dad got in his truck and ran over her cds after it happened. She insisted that they had said something like "un-american" or traitorous or something but didn't remember. When I read it off to her she was like ".....wait that's it???" I feel like that's so sadly common. Adults flipped out and made a huge scene and then their kids just followed suit and now their kids are adults who never rly questioned any of it and keep it going. And I'm sure there are legit still many ppl who know what happened and are still angry which is ridic.
  21. Craig Manning

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    Country radio is toxic horseshit and I hate it.
  22. mattfreaksmeout

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    Johnny Chiang sounds like a guy I'd like to get a beer with though
  23. Matt Chylak

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    Nahhh nobody really knew that. Knocking off "ME!" was the first indication that it was going to have THAT kind of legs, and I'm pretty sure "Cruel Summer" could have beat it.
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  24. radiodead


    Missed the rankings. Here goes:

    Tier 1:

    1. Cruel Summer
    2. Death By a Thousand Cuts
    3. Lover
    4. Soon You’ll Get Better
    5. I Think He Knows
    6. False God
    7. It’s Nice to Have a Friend
    8. Afterglow

    Tier 2:

    1. Paper Rings
    2. The Archer
    3. The Man
    4. Cornelia Street
    5. I Forgot That You Existed
    6. Daylight
    7. Miss Americana

    Tier 3

    1. You Need To Calm Down
    2. Me!
    3. London Boy
  25. macbethfan

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    I too was raised on country and dealt with a very similar response to the DC controversy. It was awful. And I see many people back in my hometown that are acting exactly how their parents acted back in the day and are now passing those same toxic thoughts to their own children. It's maddening. I know people who were T-Swift fans in high school that have forbidden their kids from listening to her "liberal trash" as I heard one call it on Facebook. But song 5000 from Jason Aldean or Florida Georgia Line about a dixie girl getting too drunk to function is totally fine for their kids to sing along to. GTFO. :eyeroll: