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Taylor Swift Announces New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 23, 2017.

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  2. joe.boy.fresh.


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  3. spencpants

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    That album cover looks like she's either about to drop the hottest rap album of 2017, or is the next Hatebreed.
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  4. I thought that at first too, because I really dislike that type, but I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be blackletter, or "newspaper font" and look like a newspaper/press.

    What is the style of font called that is typically used in newspaper mastheads?

    That said she's the biggest artist in the world and can afford any art director and the cover is mehhhhh.
  5. transrebel59


    The artwork is definitely supposed to be a reference to Kanye, right?
  6. JamesMichael

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    Completely agree she could have chose something better. I don't think many like it from what I've read. Very interested to see what direction she's going in with the new single tomorrow.
  7. youwontknow

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    This year for music dudes and dudettes!!! A surprise BN, an incredible MO, Bleachers, ATL, Jason Isbell, now a new TayTay and tons more! Is it the state of the world that urges our artists to make such great art?!
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  8. NewSurrender

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    Excited for this!!1989 was awesome!
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  9. Jonathan

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  10. Spenny


    Stoked for this. Her output speaks for itself. I have high hopes.
  11. heymattrick

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    Honestly very excited for this as well, and I hope she shuts a lot of people up. I cannot believe the hate she had to put up with the last couple years, none of which seems deserved.
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  12. Arry

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    i bet they spent all their budget on video/photography/marketing roll out and skimped and gave the design layout to in house. blackletter is tight if used in the right way, but this seems a lil lazy
  13. Neon Light

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    Seems like a darker sound maybe more in the vain of Bad Blood or I Know Places based on the artwork. I'm very excited for it!
  14. youwontknow

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    Maybe since BN is hanging it up, Jesse is getting some jobs on the side ghost writing TayTay songs lol
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  15. Brent

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    My first daughter shares her birthday... today we found out my wife is expecting another kid. So weird. So excited.
  16. kpatrickwood

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  17. fbrrocks


    Can she stay away rest of year and come back next or never again unless it's country tired of her pop stuff all over the radio it gets old and annoying
  18. Jonathan

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  19. WasteSomeTime


    Way to ruin Kelsea Ballerani's chance to break through...
  20. jjnunn118

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  21. Kiana

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    I see she's here to crush my dreams by trying to prevent despacito from breaking that record nnnnnn u devious sis I see u
  22. youwontknow

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  23. Mr_Hox


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  24. Serh

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  25. somethingwitty


    Ugh, was hoping she would take another decade or two off. Let me guess, she'll win a bunch of awards and her reaction will be of utter shock. She's the hot girl at the party that pretends she doesn't know she's hot just so the other girls don't feel as threatened.

    Ugh, go away...and take the term squad back with you. Nothing says realistic to teens girls like having a "squad" of the most gorgeous friends on the planet. Fuck her.