Taylor Swift Announces ‘Lover’

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    Taylor Swift will release Lover on on August 23rd. The new album is 18 tracks and a new song called “You Need to Calm Down”” will be available tonight at midnight.


    Lover, album out August 23. Cover shot by the artistic genius that is @valheria123 [​IMG] Pre-add, pre-save, pre-order (all the pre stuff you feel like doing) Can’t wait for you to hear this. https://t.co/SGjcCUYZdM pic.twitter.com/IPy54raQUF

    — Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) June 13, 2019

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  2. thecobrakais


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  3. Arry

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    taylor... let me help you fix your typography... please...
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  4. I love-r it.
  5. Arry

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  6. Steeeve Perry


    90s: Okay this album is 6 songs too long because you gotta pack those CDs.
    2000s: This album is long because it is bucking the trend of shorter, punchier albums and aiming for something more grandiose.
    2010s: This album is 6 songs too long because you gotta get those streams.
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  7. conti_in_stereo

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    Here I go again pre-ordering everything :teethsmile:
  8. Serh

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    Wonder what this one's gonna sound like
  9. skoopy


    If you look closely you can see katy perry lying on the clouds in the background. Smh let it go tay
  10. disambigujason

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    I really like this album art
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  11. Tim

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    Dig the aesthetic. Hope I dig the album.
  13. Lucas27

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    I mean, I like Taylor Swift, I really do. But I’m surprised at how much I love this. Just pure fun.
  14. GageStillAlive

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    I like this better than Me! Can’t wait for this album!
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  15. theredline


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  16. theredline


    I love this song and do hope that more of her lyrical topics go deeper like this. I know this is broad appeal pop stuff (which is fine) and I love it, but she is huge and has such a platform that some more social issue stuff could really impact a ton of people!
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  17. spencpants

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    Oh god this is gonna be bad.
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  18. tyramail

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    I like the new song way more than Me. As a gay woman, it’s cool to see her actually speaking out on these kinds of things.
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  19. spencpants

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    I like that she/her team are starting to speak out to modern day problems.. but I just don't like the song (or Me!).
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  20. tyramail

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    Fair enough. I think this one is real catchy though! You still have 16 more songs to try haha.
  21. domotime2

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    catchy.... and not in a "me" way either. Good catchy.
  22. currytheword


    Cringing for days.

    There is plenty of amazing and fun pop music in existence. This ain't it.