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Taylor Swift and Kanye West Again Dominate The News

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 17, 2016.

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    I can’t believe that with everything going on in the world right now the internet is parsing words about if Taylor Swift knew, or didn’t know, about specific words in a Kanye West song. But, that’s what the internet is doing. It’s newsworthy enough that I feel it’s worth covering – even if I don’t feel great doing it. Jemima Skelley, writing for Buzzfeed, details what’s happened now that Kim Kardashian has uploaded to Snapchat a phone call Kanye had with Taylor Swift discussing his song “Famous,” a video that does not ever mention the specific portion Taylor Swift apparently had a problem with in the song, but has still tossed the internet into pure chaos:

    Though Taylor never denied that she had a conversation with Kanye, it does seem weird that she would publicly call the song misogynistic when she told Kanye that it was a compliment. It does prove, however, that Taylor never actually heard the lyric where Kanye calls her “that bitch”. On the other hand, Kim should have released this right at the beginning of all this drama, instead of holding it to promote her show. Kanye also shouldn’t have recorded Taylor without her permission.

    The song bugs me, the video bugs me, and the internet reaction bugs me. Nothing about this feels right.

  2. OotyPa

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    Never really liked Taylor. I think its weird that Taylor is more offended by being called a bitch instead of the other parts of the lyric lol

    With that said kanye is still an asshole but i guess not a lying asshole?
  3. Fucking Dustin

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    I am sure this discourse will be civil and understanding
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  4. aranea

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  5. Kiana Jul 17, 2016
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    He did call for her approval, not solely to get her to promote the song on twitter, so Taylor lied about that. I'm also inclined to believe she didn't caution him about a misogynistic message since she gushed over the lyrics he read and called them a compliment, but I'm not gonna die on that hill since the video is chopped up. I do believe she didn't know about the "that bitch" lyric and if she didn't have a problem with the lyrics he read off, but has a problem with the line about that bitch, that's more than fine and I get why she's upset there and felt betrayed if she didn't expect it. And of course the lyric is gross either way

    tl;dr I get why both of them feel betrayed and they're both right and wrong
  6. benschuyler

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    Plot twist - this is all a publicity stunt for their upcoming joint album release ala Jay-Z & Linkin Park - Collison Course.
  7. y2jayjk

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    taylor has always been the worst anyway
  8. Kiana Jul 17, 2016
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    oop there was some snaps I hadn't seen yet. I'm actually surprised she didn't mind the line about him making her famous, cause her grammy speech and all about not letting someone take credit for ur success. How shady of her. Also LOLing about her saying they'd get the last laugh over the feud rumors and how they'll still totally be cool with each other like hahaha
  9. warriorsam


    People need to stop talking about this sexist egomaniac and that pathological liar, and start caring about more important things, like the election and presidential candidates and--

  10. Point not missed, but given that nobody is giving Kanye nuclear codes or giving him the chance to select Supreme Court justices, it's an objectively strange comparison in terms of relative importance. Pop culture matters and has a real impact, but there's no denying the importance of politics in terms of real life impact relative to that.
  11. Kiana

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  12. impossible

    I still only care about fighting off bear attacks, the rest is a cunning ruse
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    I have only seen one bear in the wild and the solid defense I had was that I just happened to be in a bus

    I'm here 4 u
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  14. thank u

    space bears, ocean bears, city bears, internet bears... there are so many defenses to learn.
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    I am dying laughing at "ocean bears"

    This needs to be a Sharknado spinoff
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  16. I can only hope. To raise ocean bear awareness, if nothing else.
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    Ocean bears can swim to depths of 4,000 feet, but the humans they encounter only reach 6.
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  18. Zilla

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    Jason's comment at the end of the news post sums it up.
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  19. y2jayjk

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    bears, beets, battlestar galactica.
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  20. tdlyon

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    I really don't see any way you can defend Taylor in this situation.
  21. Same could be said about Kanye penning that lyric and putting out the video in the first place (permission notwithstanding, it's gross). Perspective is important and people are going to lean towards "siding" with whichever celebrity they had kinder feelings towards before the drama started. That's pretty natural.

    You could check out Dominick's posts in various other threads (some of which I've seen you echo this exact sentiment in) on the issue if you actually were looking for some insight into how complex this issue is. That said, if your mind is made up, that's okay too - but that's where I'd start if your intent is to actually explore how folks might see fit to defend Swift.

    Meanwhile, I agree with @Zilla's sentiment that Jason summed up how I personally feel about all this.
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  22. tdlyon

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    Fair enough.
  23. mescalineeyes

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  24. aranea

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    Nah, most people using that hashtag sound pathetic. No wonder the bio of that Twitter account says "nobody really grows up".
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