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Taurdis Releases New EP

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Good to hear Will's voice on new material again.
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  3. Jusscali

    Hey girl, hey Prestigious

    Any word on the rest of the EP?
  4. Brent

    Destroy What You Create Prestigious

  5. *TAURIDS Cc: @Jason Tate

    My Doctor Who brain keeps getting it wrong too.
  6. Is there more than the 5 songs available to purchase on Bandcamp or do you mean when "will it be on streaming?"
  7. Jusscali

    Hey girl, hey Prestigious

    No I wasn’t sure if the entire ep could be purchased yet and if so what anyone thought about the other tracks
  8. .K.

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    As a fan of Will’s previous band Cartel, and his production work, I am not into this first song. Just musically not for me. Feel like it’s just a genre that doesn’t capture my interest.

    I’ll give the EP a listen online when it’s streams though, because I don’t want to write it off without giving it a chance.
  9. There are one or two tracks that feel very Collider to me with the obvious difference in instrumentation backing up Will.
  10. Jusscali

    Hey girl, hey Prestigious

    So then you have heard more...assessment?
  11. I think you're missing that the link to the full EP is in the news article. It was put up for purchase Friday on Bandcamp. You can listen to the whole thing for yourself!
  12. Jusscali

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    Literally the only song that plays or will play is song one
  13. I take it then that buying the EP is not of any interest to you.
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  14. Jusscali

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    Not since the advent of Napster lol

    Seriously not opposed to it if I knew a bit more about the tunes given that it’s an entirely new project with a so-so first single.
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  15. Big yike.
  16. Jusscali

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    Only you hold the key Jacob!
  17. burnout2888

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    Why big yike? The song that's out is to preview the EP and entice people to buy it. If someone doesn't like the song, why buy it?
  18. If the person above said "Seriously not opposed to it if..." when I replied, my brain didn't see it. The way I read it, they sounded completely opposed to purchasing the EP, which benefits MusiCares, in favor of strictly streaming it.
  19. Jusscali

    Hey girl, hey Prestigious

    Oh I didn’t realize it went to charity either. I still do want to know more about the other songs.
  20. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    wow, I personally really enjoy that one peview track and will definitely get back to the rest of it soon! So good to hear Will's voice!