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  1. Your Milkshake

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    obviously the best track
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  2. Wharf Rat

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    my literal only complaint with this is that the general sound and vibe of the whole thing is pretty similar. which could just as easily be a plus in certain situations but the way i listen to music makes it a little harder for me to get a feel for it
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  3. Your Milkshake

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    tracks 1,6,7,9,11,&12 dont do a whole lot for me still
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  4. mattav152


    I've really been digging this record. I think over time I'll still consider Currents to be a bit better than this overall. Currents is more diverse with a better flow through the track listing. Not to say the songs on The Slow Rush blend together too much for my liking, nor do I find there to be any lulls in the run time, but it is a more cohesive collection of songs. There's no major standouts per se like The Less I Know The Better. I guess you could say I see this as more "focused" than Currents. Honestly I'm just happy this exists and is finally out and we didnt end up with a Currents 2.0.
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  5. Blainer93


    I love On Track the most the last day or two
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  6. Transient_Hymn

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    Adoring this.
    Like it more every listen. Especially the opening track.
  7. Carrow

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    The break and turnaround in Breathe Deeper is still throwing me for a loop, I never expect it.
  8. elphshelf

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    Interested to see how this charts. Definitely won’t beat Bieber tho
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  9. mattfreaksmeout

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    It’ll be closer than the Biebs wants though
  10. mattav152


    I watched their 2019 Glastonbury set last night and I need them to headline a show in Boston asap with these new tracks. Just take my damn money please. Honestly considering getting a day pass for Gov Ball at this point.
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  11. zachmacD


    Last I checked, it was like #5 on Itunes. Not sure how that transfers to actual album sales/streams
  12. zachmacD


    I finally listened to the album stoned. “Breathe Deeper” is on another level
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  13. zachmacD


    I’ve been listening to it on shuffle and it’s allowed me to listen to each song as it’s own thing instead of them all blending together
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  14. RoKKeR

    The Fly

    This whole album really came together for me today. It really feels like a more mature, thoughtful, and refined older brother of Currents.

    I think it stumbles a bit out of the gate, as the only moment that hits between the first two songs is “one year from today” (which is an awesome moment) but once you get to Borderline it’s straight bangers until the end.

    Posthumous Forgiveness is just incredible. The groove in the first half, and then the light music combined with totally heart wrenching lyrics in the second half are are amazing. Breathe Deeper is so fucking groovy I can hardly take it, plus the last third sounds like some Discovery-era Daft Punk shit. Love it.

    Finally I think One More Hour really came together for me today as well. So much restraint in that song but it still manages to sound huge and really go places. All this and I think It Might Be Time is the best track and one of my favorite Tame Impala songs ever.

    Gonna need this on vinyl.
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  15. Cameron

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    I was jamming it hard on the weekend
  16. Cameron

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    Some of the tones he captured on this are fantastic
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  17. zachmacD


    Looks like it debuted at number 3 on billboard
  18. PauLo

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  19. Allhailburnzy

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    Was kinda underwhelmed by this album at first due to my love for Currents..

    But after coming back to it, it's great.

    Is it true is a jam.

    Posthumous Forgiveness is phenomenal.
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  20. RoKKeR

    The Fly

    Agreed that my first listen was slightly underwhelming, but the more I listen and the more I think about it could it possibly be... better than Currents? Almost impossible to say but there are MANY moments on this album that are truly transcendent.
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  21. Irra


    This album is fantastic! Truly surprised by how much I enjoy it.
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  22. cherrywaves


  23. waking season

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    Breathe Deeper fucks
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  24. tdlyon

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    I have no idea why the fuck it took me so long to dive into Tame Impala's discography but I finally am and holy shit Lonerism and Currents are amazing, totally live up to the hype. I did really like InnerSpeaker too. Listening to the new one tonight
  25. zachmacD


    Yeah, they have a solid discography. InnerSpeaker was the first thing I heard from them but I think that’s my least favorite. The slow rush is awesome. Excited to hear your thoughts