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  1. manoverboard679

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    Billy Talent
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  2. White

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    This might be short-sighted, but Overhead, The Albatross despite having only one full-length, one EP and a few singles. 3 of my all-time favourite songs belong to them and not being able to hear Big River Man or Telekinetic Forest Guard ever again is the utmost depressing of pertinent thoughts. I wouldn't miss anything else nearly that much.

    I'd probably kill myself after a couple months anyway so it doesn't matter.
  3. BEsterley


    The fact that you have Beck and Norma Jean on here, makes this pure gold. Pure gold brotha. Nice list.
  4. BEsterley


    I think I would go with a band that's not my fave by any means(Still love most of their music), but their discography intrigues me because it has so many layers from light to crazy heavy, with several genres mixed in over time from 90125 to Few, making for a well-rounded diversity; He is Legend....I think they would cover all moods.. but it's extremely tough to choose, knowing I'll never hear any other music again that I love...wow, hard to wrap my head around...
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  5. AshlandATeam


    There's a lot to consider with this - I really love sad music. But on a desert island, I can't listen to ONLY sad music. I'd need variety and stuff that pumps me up to go climb a tree or something.
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  6. AshlandATeam


    Also has anyone suggested the 'NOW' series? Is that legal for this exercise? They're on like volume 60 something and if we have the Amazon drone, they'll never end. It'd be something to look forward to, and most pop music is upbeat. Plus, you'd always have your finger on the outside world, inspiring hope and whatnot.

    Not sure if it's legal or not, but that could be a good answer.
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  7. skogsraet

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  8. marsupial jones

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    @Dog Fish owned with that post. Marvelous work.
  9. foomanfat


    There seem to be a whole lot of lists in this discussion of taking ONE discography.
  10. Former Planets

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    Barenaked Ladies.
  11. Terry


    I'd have to pick Thrice. Based as much on lyrical content as progression. Though I hope the day never comes. And now that new Manchester is out, very nearly them. Damn that record is good!!
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  12. xburningcoffin


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  13. carrytheweird


    They were shockingly not good at Soundscape fest sadly.

    Great picks thrown out there. I simply cannot pick one.
  14. atlas


    I don't think I would make it without Good Apollo I, so Coheed. They have a little bit of everything in their sound anyways, I'm not getting bored anytime soon
  15. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    Britney Spears
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  16. stories

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    the starting line. i can always listen to them.
  17. joe.boy.fresh.


    Motion City Soundtrack and ETID for me
  18. DandonTRJ Aug 2, 2017
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    Anberlin. They cover the gamut from dark and brooding (Cities, Vital, Lowborn) to bright and poppy (Blueprints, New Surrender) to just straight-up rockin' (NTFP, DITW), and almost no two songs sound the same (i.e., they never fell into a "formula" or typical genre trappings). Plus I'd finally get around to giving all the Vital b-sides they added on Devotion some proper attention. (And if we're being honest, I'd settle for just having Cities.)
  19. ibanez966


    I think it's a tossup between System of a Down and A Day to Remember
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  20. teebs41

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    If I could pick just one artist it would be andy hull, otherwise I would go with thrice
  21. SamLevi11 Aug 3, 2017
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    Motion City Soundtrack, The Menzingers, Turnover, The Wonder Years (I would just ignore the first album), Frank Turner, Bon Iver, Brand New.
  22. karcrashianpanache Aug 3, 2017
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    Hysterical and Useless

    The Smiths

    Honorable Mention:
    The Wonder Years
    Manchester Orchestra
  23. gbuffers


    New Found Glory for me. No other band has meant more than them to me, therefore I get good music and also the connections to many, many memories of growing up and getting old.

    Plus... Sound of Two Voices on a desert island - good combo.
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  24. Junction183


    Bob Dylan. Simply because there's so much material there and everyday I learn to appreciate his genius a little more.
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  25. NitrateDawn


    Smashing Pumpkins, without even a second thought.