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  1. ncarrab


    I'm also wondering if there are any type of legal ramifications they may have to sort through seeing as Eddie is/was the founding member of the band and they may have to wait to sort out certain things before making/releasing albums with out him? I don't know, that could be a stretch in thinking but it's crossed my mind before.
  2. sophos34

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    I mean I’m just saying a long time member like that leaving can affect the entire band dynamic. Each remaining member had their own relationship with him and him leaving effected each in their own way. It would make sense that they would rather do a “reset” and tour before jumping into a new album. Plus they probably wanted to figure out how they’d move forward live without him (which they have, brilliantly). It’s a combination of both for sure
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  3. Kevin_MI


    I don't think Eddie is gone for good?

    I thought he was just taking a leave to get his addiction under control before coming back? I assumed his new band was just a side project like how John and Adam have theirs?

    I assumed the extended 20 year tour was to give Eddie time to get his personal life in order before slowly getting back into the swing of things.
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    Didn’t Eddie open a restaurant? I could be thinking of someone else haha
  5. ncarrab


    I don't believe they have 100% shut the door on him returning in the future but the initial announcement was TBS and Eddie 'parting ways' and they wished him well in 'future endeavors.'

    I would be pretty surprised to see him ever return.
  6. Davjs


    You are thinking of KoRn's ex drummer David Silveria. Both bands are super similar in sound, I mix them up all the time.
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  7. sophos34

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    Eddie said in an interview that he’s doing his new band and if the band ever hit him up asking him to come back he’d say yes but he doesn’t see it happening
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  8. Rowan5215

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    very late response here but: "Decade" live at Orensanz is one of my favourite things this band ever did
  9. ncarrab


    I’m just seeing this but apparently they played El Paso last week in Milwaukee.
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  10. As they should!
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  11. Orla

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    El Paso absolutely slaps live. Glad they’ve begun playing it again.
  12. Micool1

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    They didn't play it at my date last Friday :(
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    Seeing them at House of Vans tonight and I’m so excited it’s been a while since I’ve seen them. Almost 2 years I think. I just hope getting there an hour before doors is enough to guarantee a spot
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  14. Orla

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    Last time I went there for a show, I got there 2 hours early and was still like 40th in line. That was on a weekday, too, so I can only imagine what the queue today will look like. In any case, have a good time!
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    I told my phone to play The Color Fred in the car and it autoplayed to Capital M-E after. I felt attacked for my choice lmao.
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  16. ItsAndrew


    Hey! I'm thinking about (likely) going if you wanted to meet up at all! (Potentially in line so I can help ya get in because if I go I'll probably get there 1.5-2ish hours early).
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  17. Jdaniels


    I can really only justify one night of this show when it hits nashville.. I'm torn between first and second night. I know it doesnt matter... but could anyone sway me?
  18. Do both nights. Me and my friend nick will be at both it’ll be just like when we met up in 2016 lol
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  19. Jdaniels


    Dude, that's $150 bucks.. I still owe the state of TN $4000. I get $500 every 2 weeks and school starting again means kids will need stuff again. Theres no way I can justify it :/ whereas 60 bucks I can kinda get away with.
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  20. Ah well then night 1
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  21. brendanmachow

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    There's a sundown clause in many contracts that allows past members to make money off future releases (with amount reduced with each release).
  22. ncarrab


    I knew Slowdance was written originally with John/Shaun but did not know that some Straylight songs were originally TBS songs. Wonder which ones. One Had to have been Existentialism on Prom Night...maybe that’s why TBS played it so much on the reunion tour.
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  23. Greg

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    Eddie called it. Right before the Mohawk story they show Mark and I instantly thought of Travis, even without the Mohawk showing, he had a hat on.
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  24. RJ Knorr

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    I know Mark played on the original Straylight demos. I think that’s what John is referencing here.
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  25. RobJGolde

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    “Mistakes We Knew We Were Making” and “...Slowdance” both have some similar drum patterns IIRC.
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