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  1. Matt Chylak

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    It’s still so wild when I think about them getting the original lineup back together. Like, I barely listen to this band anymore but what a crazy turn of events.
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    Call Me In The Morning is one of the better songs they’ve put out since John and Shaun came back, but I’d still take most of their other closers above it personally. I can understand your reasoning behind not liking I’ll Let You Live as much tho, it’s def one of their darkest songs (on what I’d consider to be their darkest album overall, tonally), but something about it has always really worked for me.
  3. @ncarrab look what he said.

    I like both songs and love me some CMITM
  4. RobJGolde

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    Ranking of TBS Closers

    1) EMG
    2) Slowdance
    3) Call Me in the Morning
    4) I’ll Find a Way
    5) I’ll Let You Live
    6) Nothing at All
    7) Head Club
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  5. David87

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    I always thought it was:

    As we sing slow through the news
    So self righteous, so confused
    We sing slow through the news
    Still unsure, what we’re we trying to prove

    I only think that because i always got the impression the song was about them and their history and lineup changes. Keep signing through the news of John leaving, still not sure what they were trying to prove with all the angry songs sniping at each other, etc.
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  6. RobJGolde

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    I always thought it was “sink” and “noose”, but all regarding the same context. Like, they’re looking back at their younger selves taking swings at each other and perpetuating the drama not really thinking about the long term consequences.
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  8. ncarrab


    Also, anyone slandering I'll Let You Live can get the FUCK OUTTA HERE.
  9. Davjs


    I can get down with this. I think I'd switch 2 and 3, but overall, yeessssss
  10. I approve
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  11. Vote for I’ll Let You Live 12x over
  12. nohandstoholdonto

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    I’ll Let You Live
    Nothing At All
    Call Me In the Morning
    Head Club

    Not really fair to rank I’ll Find A Way, I haven’t listened to it (or the rest of TW, minus Call Come Running) all that much.
  13. Preserved Moose

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    Interesting take. A lot of the verses are pretty unclear lyrically. I can barely make out anything for sure haha.
  14. RobJGolde

    Wrecked 'em? Damn near killed 'em!

    TW and WYWTB are the only TBS albums I can listen through without skipping a single song
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  15. RobJGolde

    Wrecked 'em? Damn near killed 'em!

    Backed. I love the way Adam sings “Therrrre’s NOOOOOOOO stopping me...”
  16. ncarrab


    Podcasts notes

    * Adam says Mark uses Garage Band on his phone to work on songs. Mark started writing 'A Song For Dan' while on the Tidal Wave tour.

    * All Ready to Go was written last February.

    * Adam engineered the new songs, went to school for music engineering 'during our time off.'

    * Mark and Adam talk about trying out for TBS in 99. Adam playing bass in 99 (Mark says he didn't hit all his notes). Mark wanted Shaun to try out originally, but didn't try out until Adam switched from bass to lead singer. Eddie didn't like Shaun trying out with a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt on.

    * Adam talks about doing a song with Cyndi Lauper. Also tells a story how Cyndi wanted him to come out and do a live VH1 TV show with her, but he couldn't because he was recording Louder Now and the part instead went to Scott Weiland.

    * Adam talks about drinking 'obscene' amounts of water and getting sleep on how to rest his voice during tour. Said he tried honey tea, but dried his voice out. Doesn't do vocal warm-ups as much as he should, he says. (Of course we all know, his voice doesn't typically hold up well on long tours).

    * They talk about the band meeting Billy Joel and EPMD at the Long Island Hall of Fame. PMD's son is a fan of TBS.

    * Mark tells a story of him e-mailing Billy Joel years ago asking to him to do a song with the band (he never responded).

    * I didn't know this, but they mention Bruce Springsteen bringing his kids to a Warped Tour to see TBS. Also, Slayer bringing their kids to see them at a show in Dallas. Adam also told a story where they were playing the same festival as Slayer in the UK in the early 2000s and Slayer wasn't ready to go on, so they asked TBS to go on - in front of thousands of Slayer fans, and they started to set up and they were basically getting booed off the stage but then Slayer ultimately ended up playing their normal time slot and TBS didn't have to play.

    * The host brings up one deep track from each album and Adam and Mark both shared what they remember from it:

    Bike Scene: Adam said it was originally titled something else - most song titles came late night TV programs (I've heard that before). Mark said when they recorded that song, they knew they had something special. Adam says when they used to play it live, during the break down, the band would start playing Lose Yourself by Eminem (my friends in HS actually told me this when they saw them during the TAYF tour in 2002).

    Number 5 with a Bullet: Adam says he had a Microcork keyboard that he played with and wanted to put it on a song and got inspiration from a Hillary Duff song that was out at the time.

    Divine Intervention: Adam recorded the vocals on a roof (knew that). Adam talks about dating a girl at the time and going to a dog park to watch dogs play and got inspiration from that.

    Summer, Man: Adam seemed to mention a bunch of random things without getting into a whole story, he briefly mentions Fred leaving the band, Mark briefly mentions he developed a pill addition (which apparently he's now been sober for a year), Adam talks about how he hates that he did three choruses to finish out the song.

    El Paso - Adam jokes that only 7 people like the song. The band, Adam's dad and brother. He said they really wanted to make the song work live, but it never did.
    Best Places to be a Mom - Host says its one of the best songs they ever wrote. Adam says its one of the first songs they wrote after reuniting.

    Like You Do - Adam says whenever he brings 'full ideas' to the band, its the idea everyone likes the least. But this one was his full idea. Mark says it would have been better if it were an acoustic song (I 100% agree. I do not like this song).

    Homecoming - Adam said he tried to get his dad to sing on that song. His dad was at the studio hanging out. Adam says they started writing it in Michigan and was inspired by an old book of Americana songs that were in the studio. Adam said he didn't want to use Jacksonville in the song. Adam says its one of his favorites on the album (I agree). Mark said he originally sampled Cecilia - and did a beat over it then took the same out.

    P.S. not one mention of Eddie
  17. aoftbsten

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    I love I'll Let You Live. It's a very underrated TBS track. But I always go back and forth on whether Brooklyn would have been a better fit as the closer for Louder Now.
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  18. Davjs


    jk jk, just ribbing. Thanks for the write up! Sad they both didn't say "Oh we love that song and should bring it out live" when they talked about Summer Man.
  19. nohandstoholdonto

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    I can get through WYWTB, New Again, and Louder Now without skipping anything. Not to say I don’t ever skip around, but there aren’t any songs I absolutely hate on any of those records.
  20. slimfenix182


    WYWTB, Happiness and Tidal Wave are my no-skippers. Happiness only recently added when Like You Do clicked one day for me. Didn't like that song for a long time
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  21. Leftandleaving

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    Host is right about best places
  22. xmilesross


    Two of my favorite post-reunion songs have been All The Way and It Takes More off of Happiness Is - I would love more songs like these two.
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    Easily my two faves on that album
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  24. Doomsday

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    I skip more songs on Tidal Wave than Happiness Is, which I don't skip any cause I like them all a lot
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    If your favorite song off of Tidal Wave is "We Don't Go In There" we might have just become best friends.
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