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    The variety of tacos makes them more enticing: authentic style, crunchy tex mex, battered fish, fajita, fusions (tikka paneer, nashville chicken, falafel, korean, etc), as well as the price point. You can get like six tacos for the price of one burrito and dab a different hot sauce on each one. Can you do this with a burrito?
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    yes the varitey u can get w tacos is a strong selling point but let me tell u something that will blow ur mind. a while back there was this spot near me that specialized in sushi burritos like they used sushi wrap instead of tortilla and had pretty much any ingredients u wud want. life was only declined since. unfortunately the place closed cuz ppl hear care more about scrapple and hoagies.

    that said i will always have to give the edge to burritos regardless of creative potnetial cuz there is something inherently great about the simplicity and practicality of rice beans etc. wrapped in a tortilla.
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    how the fuck is tacos losing
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  4. *lost
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    do something about it
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    I only get one vote Ken
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    talk some sense into the burrito crowd!
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    Vegetarian tacos.
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  9. I used to love burritos but as I’ve grown older and matured tacos have become my preference.
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    Tacos all day and all night.
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    Tacos for life
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    Burritos at chains tacos everywhere else.
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  13. Growing up it was 95/5 burritos. Now it’s 50/50. Breakfast is 100% burritos. My friend tried to take me to home state in LA for breakfast tacos and I did my best not to laugh. Nice gesture though and I saw one of the dudes from flight of the concords.:shrug:
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    Was randomly scrolling through threads I never visit and saw THIS. As a Mexican from California this is the worst thing I’ve ever read.