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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by FTank, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Anthony Brooks

    brook183 Supporter

    No i love it too. I love the crazy amount of jalapenos
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  2. ComedownMachine

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    I wish I could try it but I don’t fuck with jalapeños
  3. Colby Searcy

    Wtf, Colby-@Dirty Sanchez Prestigious

    I want to try it but I'd get no jalapenos
  4. Anthony_

    A Dork

    I don't love it but I like it a lot and have had it three times already.
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  5. Matt

    Does the name Kevin mean anything to you? Prestigious

    All things considered I'm probably going to order another one. Now I'm thinking about what I should add to it to make it perfect.
  6. JaytotheGee

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    Agreed, they should have done a beef option for $2
  7. Serh

    @TiredOfSeth Prestigious

    Same thing with me. Feel like they should at least make somewhat bigger at that price. And I wouldn't have known there were fries inside had I not taken a peek in between eating
  8. Anthony Brooks

    brook183 Supporter

    I thought mine were plenty big and full of fries.
  9. Matt

    Does the name Kevin mean anything to you? Prestigious

    Mine was mostly fries
  10. Signifire

    This juice I got ain’t Minute Made Supporter

    Heavy on the fries over here as well. I wanna try again soon.
  11. Dog with a Blog

    mangeur de cul Prestigious

    I dunno why I keep gaining weight but I do know that I had the rattlesnake burrito today for like the 4th time in the last week and it was hella tight
  12. aoftbsten

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    Had the rattlesnake burrito the other day with nacho fries stuffed inside. So good.
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  13. Anthony_

    A Dork

    Had the rattlesnake burrito with chicken subbed in on Saturday and they definitely put more meat in there than when it was steak. Definitely a more satisfying burrito that way, I think, although I really liked the steak version.
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  14. Signifire

    This juice I got ain’t Minute Made Supporter

    Did this today and it was packed with chicken but they forgot the jalapeños.. :cringe:
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  15. aoftbsten

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    I accidentally ordered the rattlesnake fries instead of the burrito today. Still good though.
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  16. Ken

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    I had taco bell last night. Way too much of it. Two double decker tacos with spicy ranch, spicy potato soft taco, and a cheesy bean and rice burrito. Tried the pepsi zero sugar and it was one of the worst things I've ever tasted.

    I think next time I go I'm gonna get three double decker tacos with spicy ranch. My favorite item at T-Bell by a hundred miles. I just need them to add cheese to the beans and then wrap the soft shell tortilla around the hard shell taco.
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  17. zmtr

    unsteady as the water

    Just had the rattlesnake burrito with chicken instead of steak and it was amazing. Maybe one of my favorite items ever.
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  18. gonz (Alex)

    @Alexyesander Supporter

    Just reunited with TB breakfast and am feeling v blissed out
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  19. PureBlueSF

    I'm lost and starry eyed

    I don't normally do beef but the rattlesnake burrito is really fucking good
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  20. K0ta Mar 15, 2019 at 1:29 PM
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    My sister sent me this text last night and I think it sums up our love of TBell pretty well