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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Shrek, Apr 10, 2017.

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    have always been curious about playing D&D, so I bought the starter kit. it’s something new for my friend group to do!!!
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    you have opened the floodgates
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    one of my primary resolutions in 2020 is to get back in the D&D game. i have been desperate to play for like three years but have been unsuccessful because there are 100 people that want to play for every 1 person who wants to DM. so, im gonna work on being a better DM. i wanna start running starter set level stuff around March on Roll20 which is a fantastic online D&D tool. if you're interested in playing under my amateur hour dungeon master skills in a few months, lmk!

    if you're curious about playing or inexperienced - so am i. let's do it.
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    I really should probably start posting in this thread since I'm currently involved in two D&D groups - one as a full-time player, the other as a half-player, co-DM. My full-time player group is about to start a homebrewed 1-20 5e campaign set in Chult, and I'll be playing with a halfling warlock there. In my other campaign, I'm letting my co-DM take the lead for now since I haven't had any time to plan a game with a newborn. We're working our way through Dragon of Icespire Peak from the D&D Essentials Kit where I'm playing as a tiefling archer. That go isn't going as swimmingly at the moment since the last two sessions have been cancelled last minute due to illness.

    I'd also be down for a chorus game if we could make it work. Probably couldn't commit to DMing due to time commitments, but I'd be an eager player.
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