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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Stephanie, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. zigbigwig

    I Miss Jake W Prestigious

    Do you guys have a top 5 board games or something? Currently want to buy something but can't figure out what exactly I want.

    And in other news played werewolf inquisition, pandemic and betrayal this weekend. The last one is so fun even though it's only gonna be a matter of time until it gets repetitive. Still fun though.
  2. will_000

    funny you should ask.

    im a big fan of cash n guns, it's a pretty easy to grasp party-ish game that has you pointing foam guns at people and getting loot. it's a great time.
  3. zigbigwig

    I Miss Jake W Prestigious

    @will_000 looks fun. Thanks haha. Checking where i can find one locally.

    Is doomtown any good?
  4. Granite Game Summit was a success! Played a bunch of stuff -- Coup, Codenames, Love Letter, Cinelinx, Sheriff of Nottingham, Burger Boss, Sushi Go, Bottom of the 9th.
  5. Viva Sonata May 16, 2016
    (Last edited: May 16, 2016)
    Viva Sonata Prestigious

    I worked a 12 hour day that day, otherwise I'd have been there. I'm shooting for Boston FIG.
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  6. Viva Sonata Prestigious

    On a separate note, our Grand Opening event for the game/puzzle shop I work for went really well! I only showed up for the last chunk of it and worked until close but I got to play Ghost Stories and Antidote, both of which I enjoyed immensely, as well as Five Tribes.
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  7. LuigiPeppercorn

    OldJersey doesn't know that I found his LinkedIn Prestigious

    Played a whole lot of new games last night. Resistance Coup with the Reformation expansion, Codenames, Sushi Go, Spyfall, and Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullsfyre. Not a single game I dislike and ordered Spyfall afterwards. May buy Epic Spell Wars too.
  8. Viva Sonata Prestigious

    Spiel de Jahres nominations are out. Highest honor a board game could get. Codenames, Pandemic Legacy, and TIME Stories are among the nominees.
  9. Cody Prestigious

    Just bought Codenames, Pandemic Legacy, Spyfall and Munchkin Legends. Impromptu trip to a Barnes and Noble will do that to ya.
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  10. Oddpac87

    Here Before You, Here After You Prestigious

    50% off sale just started, right? I need to go check out my local store.
  11. drewinseries

    Drew @AndrewNCaruso fb/kingwildlands

    My roommates and I casually play Magic. We hit it hard for a few months but now its kind of dropped off which sucks because I put some money into it.

    Always wanted to play D&D but never have.
  12. Oddpac87

    Here Before You, Here After You Prestigious

    Same here. Been catching up on Critical Role on youtube and it's making me want to even more.
  13. fyebes

    Regular Prestigious

    Played King of Tokyo today, really great game. A lot of fun.
  14. GettingSodas Resident Soda Expert Prestigious

    I love these games but I don't have anyone to play with. Me and my friend play Magic, Munchkin, used to pay my fair share of Catan, and Ascension.

    We just got into this game called Heroclix because it blends my love for superhero collectibles with table top games with blind boxes with straight up any superhero team you can create!!! I haven't played it yet but I have about 21 clix now I'm just waiting for my friend to get his starter set. Does anyone here play?
  15. Cody Prestigious

    Play King of New York when you get the chance. Builds on just about every mechanic of the core game, adds a lot more depth of play and balance.
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  16. fyebes

    Regular Prestigious

    will do, thanks!
  17. GettingSodas Resident Soda Expert Prestigious

    Really getting into this shit lately. I recently bought a Dice masters starter set, a cool game called Boss Monster. Boss Monster was pretty fun.

    I also am interested in playing Legendary. Anyone here play any of that?
  18. GettingSodas Resident Soda Expert Prestigious

    Any if you guys play Pathfinder? I'm trying to get into it but as someone on the outside looking in, it's very confusing on what I should get first
  19. GettingSodas Resident Soda Expert Prestigious

    Grabbed the beginner box for Pathfinder. Probably playing today
  20. Joel

    Trusted Prestigious

    Alright, just picked up Machi Koro, Patchwork and Boss Monster. First three I own, feel like this will probably become a hobby!

    Just did a round of Machi, was really fun. Setting up Patchwork now
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  21. Ben

    Trusted Prestigious

    Machi Koro is super super fun!
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  22. GettingSodas Resident Soda Expert Prestigious

    Never heard of it. I'm gonna have to check it out.

    Edit: looks pretty cool!
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  23. GettingSodas Resident Soda Expert Prestigious

    So I played Settlers of Catan again this weekend and I really like it, more than I ever have. What's the coolest expansion to grab for that game?
  24. Joel

    Trusted Prestigious

    Holy shit is Patchwork ever great
  25. Joel

    Trusted Prestigious

    Still obsessed with Patchwork. Want to get a couple more games this weekend, any good 2p recommendations? Hive looks pretty cool but I don't even know how to play chess so I'm unsure if I should fuck with that yet