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System of a Down Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Philll, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Philll Apr 8, 2018
    (Last edited: Apr 9, 2018)


    Couldn't see another thread for this, but remove if there is one already.

    Looks like SOAD teasing new music for this year.

    Looking forward to this.

    EDIT: Not a new music announcement after all. I'll leave this here with an edited thread title to discuss the band in general.
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  2. beachdude

    I'm not brave Prestigious

    Looks like it’s most likely just an announcement that they’re playing Aftershock Festival this year. Serj said only a few months ago that there’s not gonna be new music anytime soon, and I doubt that’s changed.

    This Is What SYSTEM OF A DOWN Is Teasing Today
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  3. Philll


    Oh well shit. Nevermind.
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  4. beachdude

    I'm not brave Prestigious

    I was getting hyped myself haha... so lame.
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  5. aspeedomodel

    Cautiously pessimistic Prestigious

    Yeah, I was also getting excited. Did some digging and was quickly made very sad.
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  6. Philll


    Should I just get rid of this thread or leave it as a warning for any other foolish speculators?
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  7. Elder Lightning

    A lightning bolt without a cloud in the sky Supporter

    It doesn't look like there's a band thread for them, so you can just edit the title and turn this into that.
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  8. suicidesaints

    Trusted Prestigious

    Sucks that this isn't even a tour announcement.

    Why tease announcing ONE show?
  9. Philll


    Updated title and OP.
  10. Pseudo!


    Goddammit lol got my hopes up
  11. Supernova

    Prayers/Triangles Prestigious


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  12. DarkHotline

    Proud To Bathe With A Rag On A Stick Prestigious

    Only a West Coast tour? What a bummer.
  13. ItsAndrew

    Prestigious Prestigious

    If I have primarily only listened to Toxicity, what album should I explore next from them?
  14. aspeedomodel

    Cautiously pessimistic Prestigious

    Steal This Album! or Mezmerize.
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  15. JRGComedy

    Trusted Supporter

    terracotta pie
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  16. The first one.
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  17. ncarrab

    Prestigious Supporter

    Toxicity is when I got into SOAD. It came out my junior year of HS. Never was able to get into any of their material before that but loved Toxicity, Hypnotize and Mezmorize. Also, Serj’s First solo album is great. I never checked out any of his others after that though.
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  18. waking season

    Trusted Prestigious

    I’d say Mezmerize/Hypnotize
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  19. David87

    Prestigious Prestigious

    THe self titled is more metal and less accessible for people not into that genre, bt the sound is similar because it’s Serj’s voice and Daron’s riffs and such.

    Steal This Album is basically all the leftovers from the Toxicity sessions, so that may work for you...There are some true gems on there, but a lot of others you can see why they didn’t make Toxicity.

    Mesmerize/Hypnotise have some duds IMO but they still had some of the Toxicity magic in them for those albums.
  20. aspeedomodel

    Cautiously pessimistic Prestigious

    Check out Serj's album Harakiri. It is his best and so great. A bit heavier than his last ones and more "System" I'd say.
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  21. riotspray

    Trusted Prestigious

    Self titled is still my favorite
  22. PauLo

    43% Burnt

    Toxicity pips it for me. But only marginally. Both are classics that haven't aged at all.
  23. PauLo

    43% Burnt

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  24. Henry

    Moderator Moderator

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  25. beachdude

    I'm not brave Prestigious

    Pretty good review nonetheless... but I do agree, I can't see Pitchfork having been kind to this album back in the day.