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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by NewSurrender, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. That's actually a really neat idea, much better than Bloodlines.
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  3. Kind of wish they didn't kill Kaia but other than that it was a good backdoor pilot, I'm genuinely excited for the spinoff.
  4. Wow, what a great episode to return on from the short hiatus. I was kind of feeling like this season was attempting to draw too many threads, but this episode kind of pulled some things together in a really neat way... by further splitting up Team Free Will. I guess what I mean is, for the first time, I have an idea, and a sense of anticipation, about where this season is heading, whereas before, some seemingly unrelated things just sort of... happened in conjunction with each other. By setting up the alternate universe as a place to fight for rather than just a place to escape from, it really solidified the idea of this season for me. I still think there are too many big bads and too many factions, what with Asmodeus in Hell, Lucifer in Heaven, Michael in alternate Earth, and Team Free Will split in two, but after the results of Castiel's, er, interrogation, and Jack's newfound sense of agency, I feel like the season finally has some sort of direction. And, finally, Mary has the chance to be a fighter rather than just someone who needs to be rescued. I'm also glad alternate Bobby isn't just a one-off thing.

    I'm actually kind of hoping Wayward Sisters is a little more grounded in the usual monster hunting than the boys' constant struggle with cosmic forces, although alternate Kaia's world-jumping also does have a lot of potential to be explored.
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  7. Scoobynatural was fucking awesome. The scene(s) where the gang loses it was really well-executed, a great way to reinforce the greatness of the goofy purity of Scooby-Doo in juxtaposition with the dark reality of Supernatural, if that makes sense.
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  8. Season was average. Juggled too much. Game changing finale doesn't change that.
  9. Watching Deadpool 2 made me realize something that bothered me a lot about this season of Supernatural. (I'm going to be quoting this over to the Deadpool 2 thread, so uh, spoiler warning for both, and maybe a couple of other CW shows...)

    Just because you found a way to reverse the fridging doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    (This whole post kind of feels mansplainy, so, just wanted to point out here that I didn't even know about this term until like a week ago, reading an article on SPN written by a female critic, so some of what I'm about to say is kind of just echoing that).

    You can give Mary Winchester a bunch of character development and depth after bringing her back and that's great, but that doesn't change the fact that her death in the series premiere was a big motivator for Sam and Dean for basically the entire first half of the series. (Half? "Holy shit balls" it's been that long. This series is so fucking long.) Just because you found a way to bring in Earth-2 Charlie doesn't undo that she died off-screen and Dean found her in the bathtub of a fucking hotel room. (Oh, and by the way, good job tying up Felicia Day in both the episodes she's been back this season. But damseling is a whole n'other issue to deal with.)

    (Also, what the fuck is it with The CW and Asian characters? They brought back Kevin just to kill him off AGAIN as a motivator for another guy to be like "I couldn't save everyone." They introduced an Asian American meta on The Flash this season just to kill him off in the very next episode he appeared in. Not to mention The Flash totally forgot about Linda Park. And Black Lightning introduced Grace Choi only to completely toss her aside in the second half of the season. I get it, we're not meant to be main characters, we're better off dead or forgotten about. Nice work, CW.)

    Which brings me to Deadpool 2. If you're going to reverse what happened to Vanessa, why write her death in at all? It's a family movie and family movies need to start with a tragedy? Such a load of bullshit. Instead of feeling bad for Wade, I just did a massive eye-roll that lasted through the entire 007 credits sequence. You brought her back with time travel. Great. She still died, though. Oh, you introduced badasses like Domino and Yukio? We didn't forget that you damseled Vanessa in the previous movie and then killed her off in this one. With Cable, it's even worse, he lost his wife and daughter, and all we got of them were their death scene. That's totally not sexist at all.

    Not all movies are sci-fi or fantasy, they don't all have the luxury of time travel or alternate dimensions or benevolent Chucksgods to bring back dead chicks. (I can't remember what it was but I swear I've seen a movie or show where the guy is convinced the girl's dead and does a whole bunch of crazy shit to get revenge only for it to be revealed at the climax that, surprise! she was alive the whole time, and now you know what kind of horrible monster you are. Good job going through that character development male protagonist.) Some movies don't even try to. Before DP2, I was sitting there in the theater watching the trailer for Equalizer 2 going, are they fucking serious? Little did I know the movie I was about to see would do the same exact thing.

    No, it's great, really, the SPN writers are learning from their mistakes and trying to right their wrongs. Samantha Smith and Felicia Day--oh, and Ruth Connell--are all scene stealers, so keep them around. Still, that's just one show on one network. The progress we need isn't coming fast enough.

    Hire more women writers. (And maybe some Asian ones, too. Dopinder's a total joke of a character. Yukio's basically just there to look pretty.)
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    This fucking show. I'm six episodes into the season and I'm so fucking sick of the death tropes. The fact that Dean kills himself out of nowhere all nonchalant is dumb as shit. It was an excuse to get him talking to Death, but it was ridiculous. I'll finish out this season, but I'm just frustrated at this point.
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    16 episodes in, this has some of the worst antagonists of any season.
  12. This season was pretty unforgettable outside of the Scooby Doo episode.
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    A few notes on the season:

    -The Lucifer exorcist scene was one of the funniest things this show has ever done.
    -I LOVED the Scooby Doo episode.
    -I'd watch a Rowena/Gabriel spin-off.
    -I was reluctant about the Wayward Sisters episode at first, but by the end of it, I was really into all of the characters. The cast was a little bloated, but it worked. Sad it isn't going forward.
    -Everything about the other dimension STUNK. Nothing interesting about it at all. Michael didn't seem like a threat at all. Mary and Jack felt aimless. The sepia filter makes all of the boring exposition even more boring. Reminded me of The Walking Dead.
    -Early character development of Jack was AWESOME. They did some really great stuff in those first few episodes, ANNDDDD he's gone.
    -Didn't care for bringing back Charlie or Bobby.
    -Lucifer's fall from Godlihood/girlfriend happened WAYYYYY too fast. It had such potential, and then nothing.
    -The big bads for this season just did nothing. At least it set up something interesting for the next one.
    -The lack of God/Metatron this season bummed me out I felt like they were awesome last season.
    -Nazi Castiel should have been expounded upon. Having him in just one episode was a bummer.
    -The fight with Michael in the dark world made no sense. They could have ran and been done with it.

    Rowena is far and away my favorite character on this show.
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    I'm sad, but it definitely ran its course.
  16. I've been rewatching this with my girlfriend since she never watched it from start to finish since the start of the year. We're on season 8 now. Holy shit does it drag 6-8. Some great episodes here and there (the 100th ep, in particular, is one of my faves) but damn the writing was all over the place. Cass dying and coming back how many freaking times...Bobby's death...the leviathan...ugh

    I myself am all caught up and have really enjoyed the past 2 seasons actually especially the finale of 14. This final one COULD be the or one of the best. I do miss Crowley though but I feel like in this last season we will see a lot of characters back in action. So excited but yeah it is time.
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    didn't finish the last season, but I'm ready for this.

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    My gf just got me into this show. I thought it would be horrible. It’s not horrible
  19. the first five seasons are legitimately very good and then there are good seasons sprinkled here and there after that
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    I'm excited for more stuff in the Supernatural universe. I saw Jared's tweets last night and yeah that's super weird he wasn't aware. I'd like to know more about why he wasn't told if that's true.
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    Prequel ordered to series.