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Supernatural (CW) TV Show • Page 2

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by NewSurrender, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. as_we_learn

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    The only crossover I want at this point! I know it's completely out of the realm of possibility, but with the Constantine episode on Arrow, this would make me lose my shit. The Winchesters in the DC universe would be insane!
  2. Pretty good start to the season, put a lot of pieces on the board, and all the Mary stuff was great.
  3. Henry

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    WWII episode is soooooo good.
  4. Which episode? What thread do you think you're in?
  5. Henry

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    God's Hand. on the submarine.
  6. Ah that one. Yeah, good episode.
  7. Did Mary just say that she and John were together in Heaven? Ever since the boys were sent there and Ash and Pam said they couldn't find them, I was under the impression that John and Mary were, I don't know, someplace else.
  8. Henry

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    From what I gathered, heaven to her was being with her family in the time before she died. I didn't look into it the way you did. It didn't feel that ambiguous. Not really sure now though.

    Roweena is easily my favorite character on the show. Love the way she is written. Her sending Lucifer to the bottom of the ocean was a great way to cap that off.

    It's amazing that anyone trusts anyone on this show anymore. lol
  9. Look at you trying, Supernatural. Multiple WOC! A queer MOC!

    Quite liked that last one. Some fun hunter world expansion. Jody is always a good time. Hopefully the Twins pop up more down the line. They seem fun.
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  10. I initially had my doubts about Lucifer playing leap frog with meat sacks, but this is the first time this season that I'm actually really intrigued with this side of the story. I also wasn't too enthused when Mary left the boys, but I haven't seen the last episode she showed up in, so. I'm really hoping she and the Men of Letters take a more hands on approach to helping the boys with their Lucifer problem instead of having the show juggle three things at once that never really come together.

    This is the first time the show really dabbled in politics IIRC. Kind of a funny coincidence that the President gets possessed by Satan in Supernatural in the same year that Drumpf becomes President-elect.
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  11. Watched the episode where Jody meets Mary. Some good character development there. I like how the boys are somewhat legendary haha.
  12. I know what you're referring to now! haha. I didn't really think there was any indication they'd be the next Kevin or Charlie or something ( minus the dying part; Asa kind of got that covered), and I think the season already has a lot to deal with right now, but that does sound super fun.
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  13. Supernova

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    I ended up skipping 3 episodes this season unknowingly. I flipped from the DVR to the CW app, and referenced Wikipedia to make sure I didn't miss anything and thought I was good. Catching up now and I don't think any big plot points happened with these 3. "American nightmare" "the one you've been waiting for" "celebrating the life of asa fox". We'll see.

    Season is ok so far. I still enjoy every episode.
  14. I like how Richard Speight Jr., who plays Gabriel, directed the episode "Stuck in the Middle (With You)," a Tarantino tribute and the best episode of the season so far.

    (still a couple episodes behind. I keep feeling the need to bump a thread on a show before I'm caught up.)
  15. The episode "The Raid" was pretty good, too. I still think the season is juggling too many things, with Lucifer and his baby, the BMoL, Princes of Hell, and Mary. They've all been interestingly intertwined so far, but the season just lacks a feeling of cohesiveness that the previous season had when the only big thing going on was the Darkness. The episodes themselves have been pretty solid, though. I guess one advantage to juggling too many things is that it never feels like there's not enough happening; the previous season did feel like a slow burn at times before Chuck/God came into the picture.
  16. I have mixed feelings about this season. Agents of SHIELD made a good move clearly dividing its season into three mini-arcs. With Supernatural, the three mini-arcs are all messily interspersed throughout the season, with the Lucifer subplot so far hardly interacting with the other two despite being perhaps the most threatening. I have faith that the finale will tie things up nicely, but I still think that the Mary subplot + Men of Letters subplot could've been enough for its own season without the Lucifer subplot thrown into the mix, and that if the Lucifer subplot had been handled a bit differently in the later episodes, it could've been dragged out into its own season as well.

    tl;dr we're basically seeing 2-3 subplots/seasons rolled into one and it's kind of a mess. It's an interesting season for sure, but if it had only stopped to breathe, I might feel some of the emotional weight that should've been there.
  17. I skipped last week, so I watched it just now. Typical. Killed two woc, one who could've been a good recurring character. What a fucking waste.
  18. NewSurrender

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    There were some big plot moves in this finale. I found it quite satisfying. I'm curious as to whether it really is the end for Crowley and Castiel. The minute Crowley started talking about quitting his job as the king of hell I figured he would be dead at the end of the episode. Whether they get revived is another question.
  19. NewSurrender

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    Anyone else have any thoughts on this finale?
  20. I'd fallen off on the back half of the season but I ended up watching the finale anyway and thought it was pretty strong, even devoid of some context. The big Cas/Crowley moments were well done but like you said with this type of show it's hard to know if it will stick and I think that thought halted my emotional response a bit.
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  21. The good:
    Killing off Castiel and Crowley (ballsy af)
    Good resolution to Mary's storyline in "Who We Are," her relationships to Men of Letters, the boys
    Good resolution to Kelly Kline's storyline
    Killing off Men of Letters

    The bad:
    Castiel and Crowley are dead
    Mary is trapped with Lucifer (kind of like another Winchester--what was his name again? [rhetorical question. even the boys forgot about him.])
    Zero resolution to Lucifer's baby storyline (this whole thing should've been its own season)
    Killing Bevell (and Rowena?!) off-screen
    Deus Ex Machina of alternate universe (plus that portal stayed open forever after Crowley's sacrifice)
  22. 12 was a pretty average season, not as good as 5 and 11, obviously, but not nearly as bad as 6 and 8. (I was about to rank all the seasons, but that would've been too much work.) I think its main issue was just being overly ambitious trying to fit too many storylines in there. They should've split the season in two to give the stories time to breathe and throw in some more monster-of-the-week episodes in there instead of juggling that all at once.
  23. xkaylinh May 24, 2017
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    I wouldn't exactly say 1-5 > 6-10, it's a little more jumbled than that.

    Okay, I'm doing this.

    5 > 11 > 4 = 10 > 1 = 12 > 3 = 9 > 2 = 7 > 8 > 6.
  24. Henry

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    Marathoned the season today. Glad it hit Netflix so fast.

    So this season was pretty 50/50 in terms of over arching stories. I found the Lucifer/baby stuff to be great. The pro-choice stuff was handled pretty well given the subject matter.

    The Mary/UK story sucked so damn hard. I just did not care about any of that shit later on. It started off strong with the eradication stuff, but it just bored me toward the end.

    I have this thing where I love "Kill Hitler" episodes, so that was probs my fave of the season. I think that could have made for a good arc rather than a single episode.
  25. Henry

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