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Summer Scouts – “Vessel” (Video Premiere)

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 18, 2016.

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    Today I’m excited to debut the new video from Summer Scouts for their song “Vessel.” The track comes from the band’s upcoming album, Furthest Reach, which is set for release on May 20th. The song deals with the loss of a parent and confronts the realities of how this changes the home. When describing the track, the band explained it as:

    Family life and norms change dramatically after the death of a parent. The home itself takes a drastic shift in its overall aura, a shift that slowly continues for years after the death, forever losing its original feeling. While the family’s personalities experience alterations as well, the house itself holds the significant, glaring symbolism of this dark familial change. “Vessel” visits this feeling that no one in the family wants to face and confronts it in an emotional conversation between the singer (an affected family member) and the house.

    I was drawn to the vocal harmonies and rhythm section immediately and would probably say this is a good fit for fans of PVRIS and Mayday Parade — it’s definitely pop-rock but with this atmospheric tinge.

    The new album, Furthest Reach, will be out May 20th. More info at

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  2. Not big on that chorus really, but otherwise this is probably the best song I've heard from this band. Color me interested!
  3. Craig Ismaili

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    This band is going to be something really special I feel. Can't wait for the full-length to drop. If you haven't checked out their last two EPs yet, do yourself a favor and check them out:

    They just have an effortless way of combining spacious post-rock stuff with catchy pop-rock and I don't think there are too many (or enough) bands like that. I'm pretty stoked that two of my Absolute 100 picks (them and PUP) are releasing their albums a week apart. Going to be listening to both of them a lot in the coming months.
  4. Luroda

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    Song sounds great, but I just can't get into the vocals. :tear:
  5. Scuba Chris

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    Digging the song. Never listened to these guys before.
    Also, the opening riff reminds me of the opening riff from Coming Home by NFG.
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  6. m9tt

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    Diggin' it.
  7. adozenroses


    wish it was just the girl singing...her parts are really good.
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  8. Craig Ismaili

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    New album out now and it's so dope:

    Flares fucking rips.