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Summer Salt Sign With Epitaph

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 16, 2018.

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    Summer Salt have signed with Epitaph Records. The full press release can be found below.

    Today, Epitaph welcomes Summer Salt to the label roster. The band’s debut album Happy Camper will be released on September 21. The Austin-based four-piece offers a blend of bossa nova and oldies pop, which they describe as “coral-reef rock.”
    Today marks the premiere of “Heart and My Car,” Happy Camper’s bittersweet lead single. Showcasing Summer Salt’s delicate songcraft, “Heart and My Car” centers on a breakup brought on by the protagonist’s “sorry mistakes, homebody nature, and poor car maintenance,” according to singer/guitarist Matt Terry.

    Mostly self-produced, Happy Camper was mixed by Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, The Black Angels, The Shins), who helped shape its clean and graceful sound. Throughout the album, Summer Salt match their wistful melodies with lyrics that touch on all the best things in life: baseball and major crushes, dolphins and dogs, fast cars and chocolate bars.

    Hailing from Dallas, Summer Salt formed when Terry, bassist Phil Baier, and drummer Eugene Chung were still in high school. The band reunited in Austin in 2013, then gained a cult following with the home-recorded 2014 EP Driving to Hawaii. Next releasing the EPs Going Native and So Polite, Summer Salt welcomed singer/guitarist MJ Tirabassi into their lineup in 2017.

    Summer Salt is on tour now in the US throughout August 18 where tour will conclude in El Paso, TX at Lowbrow Palace. Several of the tour dates are currently sold out – all dates below.

  2. thatwasamoment

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    Not my cup of tea, but the crowd of young girls ate them up at the Turnover show I went to.
  3. Iamhollywood315


    Sounds like boring dad music. Never even heard the name for being an Austin based band.
  4. KyleK

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    I know it's just marketing, so it shouldn't matter to me, but still, "coral-reef rock"?