Sum 41 to Play ‘Chuck’ in Full on Upcoming Tour

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    Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 talked with Alt. Press about playing Chuck live on their upcoming tour:

    It’ll be our longest, for sure. I think they’ll be two-hour sets. Not sure if it’s going to be 2:05 exactly, but definitely two hours. The good thing about those two is that they’re relatively shorter records, so it makes sense to play them at one show.

    The thing is, we never played every single one of those songs before. Some of those songs we’re going to be playing, we’ve never played ever. There’s maybe a good four or five songs we’ve never gotten around to playing when the album came out. So yes, you are learning stuff. But there’s also the brand-new record: We’ve never played a lot of those songs off Order In Decline; they were built in the studio, but live is a whole different thing. What I’m trying to say is, there’s a lot of rehearsing going on.

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  2. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    Order in Decline is also a great album. I’m excited to see them both in full.
  3. pbueddi

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    Sounds like a great show to be at!
  4. Petit nain des Îles

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    Wow, hopefully they'll do it on their next European tour as well. That's like a dream come true
  5. domotime2

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    I am very annoyed that they do these album shows all the time...but never do all killer no filler
  6. manoverboard679

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    You'd rather have that over Chuck? I love All Killer but I think Chuck is much more fitting in a live setting
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  7. aniafc


    Yes. They've essentially done two tours now for Does This Look Infected? and now one for Chuck (and apparently they're playing the new record in full as well?), yet they skip over their most successful album. I'd much rather have that I think. But I also prefer their more pop-punk driven material
  8. pbueddi

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    It's probably more about the style they like to play more.
  9. domotime2

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    100%. Because pretty much all of my favorite songs from sum41 is all killer, and from the 17 years of being a fan of theres, there's a TON of songs i've never got to hear live.