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Sum 41 Announces ’13 Voices’ Pre-Orders

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

    Your friendly little forum bot. Staff Member

  2. kidinthebushes


    Anyone know which color variant their PledgeMusic backers will get?
  3. pbueddi


    god i hope its the red and black one.
  4. LightsOut


    Worst album art ever!
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  5. WetwithSharp Jun 29, 2016
    (Last edited: Jun 30, 2016)

    and a little jingle...

    Yeah, I'll echo the same as others around here,....this is bad. Why did they have to chose such a "buttrock"/douchey/cheesy looking style.

    Chuck's still got the one-up on that front! hah. Have to see how the music goes....
  6. Kizwiz


    I don't know what people were expecting... Sum 41 have always had pretty crap album art covers...

    It's their style. The music certainly makes up for it.
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  7. WetwithSharp

    and a little jingle...

    I think Chuck actually looks alright and fairly unique.
  8. LightsOut


    They were funny. This new album look like a bad tattoo
  9. Thursdaysox

    We know it from the silence

    This album art / merch is so obviously intentionally bad. "Pain for Pleasure" plays in my head every time I see this stuff; Hilarious.