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Sum 41 Announce New Album; Release New Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 24, 2019.

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    Sum 41 will release Order in Decline on July 19th. Today they’ve released a video for “Out for Blood” and pre-orders are now up.


    Track Listing

    1. Turning Away
    2. Out For Blood
    3. The New Sensation
    4. A Death In The Family
    5. Heads Will Roll
    6. 45 (A Matter Of Time)
    7. Never There
    8. Eat You Alive
    9. The People Vs…
    10. Catching Fire

  2. The Black Parade

    Now I Know This World Isn’t Spinning Just For Me Prestigious

    This song is a banger
  3. Orla

    right on! Prestigious

    I think I’ve accepted Sum 41 from this decade just isn’t my cup of tea
  4. Oskarr

    Needled 24/7

    I was hoping for and expecting a solo and I got it. I'm glad they're leaning into their metal influences.

    The song's okay :x
  5. Yeah... not a fan. Same as their last record. But they look happy and healthy, which wasn't true a while back, so that's good.
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  6. song rips
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  7. pbueddi


    I like that vinyl better than the spotify green that was leaked the other day.
  8. SFguitar


    Not feeling this or their last album. I think these guys are better when they're more pop-punk. I'd like another Underclass Hero
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  9. Darth Amory

    Sith Lord.

    Brownsound is back and hence the heavier sound. I dig, It is refreshing to say the least. Not my favorite by a lonnnnng shot.. but it just feels like their earlier stuff maybe because the chemistry of the harder vibe.
  10. I'm all down for a heavier Sum 41 but this is just boring.
  11. Uknown76


    Same for me :concerned:
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  12. jackyjackyjack


    That chorus might just be the most Sum 41-sounding chorus I've heard
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  13. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    single is great.
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  14. fredwordsmith

    Regular Supporter

    Single has really grown on me. It's absolutely propulsive. Drums sound amazing on good speakers.

    I'm also more partial to their pop-punk leanings, but if it's all going to be this catchy, bring it on.
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  15. DesolateEarth


    I think I've come to realize that they'll never top Chuck for me. Song is decent though.
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  16. rushlinburg


    There are so many parts of this that I like but as a whole I'm not digging it. I'm kind of with the commenter above that this version of Sum 41 might not be for me. Oh well, they seem like they're in a great place so power to them!
  17. Jared Luttrell


    Always happy to see more Sum 41.
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  18. The Black Parade

    Now I Know This World Isn’t Spinning Just For Me Prestigious

    Chuck is a hard album to ever top
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  19. Raku


    I miss their pop punk sound, and wish that they would play a bit more with it...

    Not really a fan of their heavy stuff =/