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Suits (USA) TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by David87, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. David87

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    So this season has been pretty interesting. IT's starting to definitely get a little scattered, and I'm sure any lawyer could shred some of the plot points into being totally unrealistic, but I think they've handled Mike going to prison pretty well.
  2. brentkid


    Honestly this season lost me after the second episode. I'll definitely give it another shot just because I've made it this far, but the writing has been pretty bad.
  3. I miss when Mike was a charming kid looking to improve his life instead of the unlikable asshole we have now.
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  4. David87

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    ^^^True, but I'm truly happy they didn't go the "USA Network" direction of somehow never sending his ass to prison. It needed to be done.

    Louis Litt is still tht he best character in the show but his "love" storyline the last few episodes has been really bleh and felt rushed as hell.
  5. NewSurrender

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    I'm still really enjoying this show, one of the few good shows airing right now. Funny seeing Ryan Chapelle from 24 play a tough guy in prison but it somehow works
  6. lish

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    Dude, I love this show. I just rewatched it through again and it's just so good.

    Gotta be honest, though - there's some hardcore UST between Mike and Harvey. Someone pointed it out to me and I can't stop seeing it.
  7. Behind the Barricade

    So there's the season finale this week and the only major story is the firm might go under. The only thing I can see as a story-line for next season would be to bring in Mike as a paralegal (but even that is too risky). It'll be interesting to see where this goes.
  8. Behind the Barricade

    I think this should've been the final episode of the series. The whole prison angle was pretty unrealistic.
  9. lish

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    Yeah, I'm really interested in how things are going to move from here. Robert being a douche is going to put a wedge between Mike and Rachel (yay) and Harvey is going to do something to help Mike get on his feet now that he's out. I'm really intrigued by the possibilities, tbh.

    I'm still pissed about that handshake, though. Fuck.
  10. Behind the Barricade

    Funny you should mention Robert Zayn. I can see Mike and Rachel try the wedding again but this time, Robert doesn't attend because he still doesn't approve of his daughter marrying a felon. Then the entire next season, Mike helps Robert out in some big time case and then he gets his blessing. The story-line writes itself.
  11. lish

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    Yeah, I could see that being a path... honestly, I hope that she has to choose between him and her future because of pressure from the dean at Columbia. But I'm a sucker for angst and him only having Harvey to turn to. I think he's going to have more real world consequences than just his, what, one month of prison?

    I hope they don't go the cheap and easy way out, either way.
  12. Behind the Barricade

    Unfortunately, I don't think the dean at Columbia would care enough about Rachel to give her an ultimatum unless Robert gets his ear. What would be interesting is if they do a guilty by association angle with Rachel since she knew about Mike just like everyone else. It's funny how they went against Harvey, Jessica, Louis and the entire firm but didn't harass Rachel once (minus that college girl in that debate). Maybe this death row case gets her name out there and then one paper publishes that she's engaged to Mike?
  13. lish

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    He already had a talk with her when Mike was on trial, though. He said he wouldn't sully the name of his law school and he would expel her if Mike had been found guilty (I think? I need to go back and rewatch that, but I defs remember them having a conversation). And yeah, they've really donne nothing with Rachel... Like, they didn't show her visiting Mike and they only showed her having that one confrontation, but what did she do to help get him out? I just hate how selfish they made her in this whole process.
  14. Behind the Barricade

    Thinking back, it does sound familiar but I don't think Columbia could expel her for something her fiance did. Could be wrong. Unless Rachel shines in court on the next episode, her push would be for nothing since they're spotlighting Jessica through this entire trial. There's some hope after last week when she told the guy to fight instead of taking the plead deal but Jessica quickly halted any progress when she admits she lost a case. If built correctly, Rachel could be a female lead next to Jessica since Donna is basically just...there.
  15. lish

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    Honestly, I think they're doing a good job of exploring Jessica's character more this season. She has had some moments of showing emotion, but they're really giving her some depth and I so appreciate that. Donna has totally just been pushed to the side, which is disappointing.

    Rachel gets on my nerves a bit. I don't want to see her replace Jessica, though I could see Jessica leaving for Chicago depending on how things go. There are a lot of directions they could go, especially with another season on order.
  16. NewSurrender

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    Pretty sure I read on TVLine months ago that Gina Torres has been cast in another show on ABC, so it wouldn't surprise me if she left Suits next episode

    I wasn't aware there was another episode, I thought last weeks was the midseason final
  17. lish

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    I love Jessica :(

    But yeah, I totally thought last week was the mid season finale, but I saw a preview of this week's pop up on my Facebook news feed this morning. I'm okay with this. I won't complain.
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  18. lish

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  19. NewSurrender

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  20. lish

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    I'm so ready for 6B!

  21. Behind the Barricade

    It's funny how most of your predictions came true! Also, they fucked over Rachel again but I understand why they did it. If Jessica left the case to go to that board meeting and had Rachel do the cross examination, that would've worked wonders for her character. Now we understand why they did it that way.
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  22. lish

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    One final test for Louis and Harvey before passing the reins.

    What a badass woman. Honestly. I love her. I'm so sad she's out. I think they did a fantastic job of tying up her loose ends, though. And I'm pretty good with where they left Rachel. Totally fine with Mike being open-ended, but he's going to end up coming back with these changes. Sure of it. May not be right away, but it'll happen. And holy fuck, Louis!
  23. lish

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  24. Behind the Barricade

    I love Louis's character! Whatever he wants, he goes 100% after. I have a feeling something will happen to the baby and she'll disappear, sending Louis into a downward spiral. Specter Litt is going to be weird. It's funny how that firm now has 0 founding members in it. Both Daniel Hardman and Jessica Pearson are gone. I'm sure if the other show fails, they'll write Jessica back in as soon as possible.
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  25. Behind the Barricade

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