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  1. phaynes12

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    yes lol
  2. Marx&Recreation


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  3. FlayedManOfSF


    Why am I crying? Probably because the theme and Baby Yoda both go so hard.
  4. jkauf

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    Finally finished S2, goddamn what a cliffhanger.
  5. OotyPa


    Finally all caught up. What a series, what a season! That ending was wild. This is the kind of show I’m hanging on every word of dialogue.
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  6. Is this what Manhattan was really trying to tell Angela?
  7. dorfmac


    Bryan cox just won a gg and Greg was behind him doing Greg things in real life. I love when actors are just playing themselves when they act.
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  8. SteveLikesMusic

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    My wife and I binged 10 episodes of this today

    it’s very good
  9. bedwettingcosmo

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    happy for them and cox
  10. David87

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  12. I Am Mick

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    He had some heartbreaking scenes in S2 but I'm so excited for a return to the power hungry cocky asshole backstabbing Kendall
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  13. jorbjorb

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    starting this now :D
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  14. David87

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  15. alina

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    Steyer this what a Tom candidacy would be like?
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  16. alina

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    ....... I meant to say Connor. Better late than never.
  17. jorbjorb

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    Midway into season 2 and I have to say this is one of my favorite shows.
  18. Dirty Sanchez

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  19. jorbjorb

    I'm so much cooler online.

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  20. Dirty Sanchez

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    Satirical dramedy.
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  21. Dinosaurs Dish

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    It’s a great show but I think would be too dark and depressing without the comedy. They nail the balance of both.
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  22. Brother Beck

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    My wife and I recently caught up on this show and watched both seasons in a pretty short time. This show is the best thing I have watched in years.
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  23. jorbjorb

    I'm so much cooler online.

    What an amazing finale. Can't wait for season 3 now.
  24. Dirty Sanchez

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