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  1. clucky

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    Phenomenal ending. Going into the presser, I had no idea if Kendall was going to bend the knee again, go on the offensive, or off himself in front of everyone.

    On the other hand, fuck this show for getting us to root for someone as evil as Kendall Roy. While not as immediately satisfying as this was, I think a story line where Kendall kills himself and Logan has to face the reality of his actions might've been an even more compelling hook for S3. Where as here... I liked that ending but gonna be interesting to see where S3 goes. Hard to see how Logan bounces back from this but without Logan to go up against Kendall becomes just another unlikable billionaire douche-bag.
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  2. morgantayler

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    That finale was so damn good. It sucks we have to wait a year for the next one.

    My girlfriend had watched the last few episodes with me and at first she didn’t care but she got hooked after watching “DC” and the finale with me, so now I’m gonna watch the whole thing again with her lol.
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  3. morgantayler

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    Oh my god lmao

  4. god I love this show
  5. Dinosaurs Dish

    keep us there, keep us there

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  6. imthesheriff

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    I partly feel like Logan baited him into that and wanted him to do it.
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  7. that seems to be the consensus on it
  8. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Yeah, definitely. After more thinking and reading around, he knew it had to be his own head that gets axed but not make it look like he willingly did it himself. So awesome.
  9. clucky Oct 14, 2019
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    I feel like it was less planned by Logan, and more just making sure he had all his basis covered

    Throw Kendall into the fire. If he just rolls over that's fine, he wasn't cut out to run the company. If he grows a spine and takes Logan out, that also works.

    (this ties back into my argument that Kendall killing himself would've been the best ending. Because that would've been the one outcome Logan didn't account for)
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  10. phaynes12

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    i read the smirk differently. it seemed more to me like the first time having genuine pride in one of his kids while also extremely looking forward to a showdown with kendall
  11. Wharf Rat

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    He ate my fucking chicken
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  12. FlayedManOfSF


    I laughed so hard I cried when Greg said, "What if I had just said 'no woman, no cry?'"
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  13. imthesheriff

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    So it’s team Greg and Ken next season then?
  14. MexicanGuitars

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    Which came first, the Chic-Ken or the Gregg?

    Let the record show that I am the first person to says this before it is meme’d.
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  15. Dan Quinlan


    this season kicked so much ass. what a dynamite show

    our number 1 boy!
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  16. FlayedManOfSF


    I have to pause this show to laugh more than any show ever I think. Usually I get a rewind in to see it again as well, mostly on Greg lines.
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  17. David87

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    Finally watched, awesssssome move by Ken at the end.

    The chicken scene was fucking hilarious.
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  18. imthesheriff

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    I already miss this show
  19. phaynes12

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    it’s so fucking good
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  20. riotspray

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    what a finale!! wow
  21. David87

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    I'm thinking part of why Logan is okay with what Kendall did is because he knew even with Kendall taking the fall, it was a longshot that the shareholders would still vote to keep Logan on as CEO. So I think he thinks his goose is cooked anyway and that maybe this move will allow one of his kids to step up? Idk. But I do think he assumed he was screwed either way at this point.
  22. Marx&Recreation


    I'm on ep 8 and I love this show but good lord the whole plotline of Shiv and the sleazy campaign guy and the Bernie knock off is so cringy and shallow
  23. alina

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    Fuckkkkkkk I love this show. Finally watched the finale because I couldn’t last week. I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming. It was so good!!!!! AHHHHHHHH
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  24. Kellan

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    I finally got around to this and I can’t believe I waited. So good. I just finished episode 9, Tom in front of Congress was so excruciating.
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  25. dorfmac


    Holy shit. Just watched the funeral speech - fucking hilarious.
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