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    Honestly, how did no one make a thread for this all season? One of the most confident and funny premiere seasons I can remember in a long time. Endlessly quotable. Greg the motherfucking Egg.

    Succession is an American drama television series about a dysfunctional American global-media family that premiered on June 3, 2018, on HBO. It was created by Jesse Armstrong with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay serving as executive producers. McKay also directed the pilot episode. In June 2018, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a second season.


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  2. riotspray

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    Need to watch this.
  3. The failed coup and the end of the therapy episode were incredible moments. This show was so unexpectedly good.
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  4. primavera

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    seriously. i was expecting it to be a bit of a b-side to Billions but it’s so much better and different than that.
  5. mike1885


    Loved this so much, and it only got better with each episode until the finale.
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  7. Yeah, this show is great. A lot of people are turned off because “the characters are awful people” but since when does that stop people from watching tv? Lol

    I thought the character development was superb. I’ve seen some people suggest each season should focus on a different child or family member. That’d be cool.
  8. delvec19


    Just started watching, this show's a riot.
  9. Dave Diddy

    I've been out looking for where the light went

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    I just started watching this yesterday and I’m 8 episodes in and it just keeps getting better.
  11. Dave Diddy

    I've been out looking for where the light went

    Okay I loved the pilot
  12. I kind of want to rewatch this already.
  13. Dave Diddy

    I've been out looking for where the light went

    Finished this last night and holy shit that finale. This is probably my favorite TV season this year.
  14. VanMastaIteHab

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    Rewatching this with a friend and yeah this was easily my favorite show of the year
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    Just started this the other night
  16. riotspray

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    "It's a closed loop system"
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    Back August

  18. VanMastaIteHab

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    fuck yeah
  20. [IMG]
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  22. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Started this over the weekend and finished it tonight. Holy shit, so good!
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  23. Dinosaurs Dish

    keep us there, keep us there

    Brian Cox is the best.
  24. Dan Quinlan


    holy shit what took me so long to watch this.

    the balance of drama and comedy is some thing else.

    "Which Side Are You On?" was one of the finest episodes of TV I've ever seen as well.
  25. Dave Diddy

    I've been out looking for where the light went

    God I can't wait for season 2