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Strung Out’s New EP Titled ‘Black Out the Sky’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 20, 2017.

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    Strung Out frontman Jason Cruz revealed to Dying Scene that the band are working on a new EP called Black Out the Sky:

    Strung out is currently working on a 5-7 song EP entitled “Black Out The Sky” set to release early summer 2017 on Fat Wreck Chords. BOTS will be a collection of acoustic songs written with a loose theme to match the title. To simply call it an ‘acoustic album’ would not be doing it justice and it very well may be our darkest release yet.

    Never writing same record twice – yet at the same time staying true to our fans has always been our priority as a band. We do not plan on abandoning our signature sound but with the way things are now, this record may be the perfect remedy in a world where everything is turned up to eleven. We are confident fans of Strung Out will not be disappointed.

    I’ve been on a massive Strung Out kick over the past few weeks and can’t wait for this one. I’d forgotten just how damn good this band is and how deep their catalog runs.

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  2. Stevie


    The most underrated band, I swear! Ridiculously consistent, interesting, technical and catchy.

    Looking forward to this.
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  3. alkalinexandy

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    Really looking forward to this. Acoustic Strung Out songs are few and far between (only two that I'm aware have ever been officially released), but Jason's voice works perfectly in that setting...

    As far as how deep their catalog goes? Each record is a stunner. And they are the kings of having not one, but two great tracks to close each record. They usually save the best for last as far as that goes.
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  4. Toner

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    Have loved this band for 15 years now (yeeeeeeesh). I'm always excited for new Strung Out, but this one has me very, very interested. I was thinking that it would be acoustic reworkings of existing songs when they teased it earlier this week. 5-7 original acoustic songs though is better than I could have hoped for!
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