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    I understand where you are coming from, but there are a lot of movies that explore an alt universe based on tragedies. Specifically WW2/Nazi Germany.
  2. But for three seasons this hasn't been one of those ... which is why I think it would feel out of place if they went that way this long into the world.
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    This has never been an alt history show though. If that’s the entire point of your story and you treat it seriously, that’s a very different scenario. It would be very out of place in ST.
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    This is a completely different argument then saying it's not tasteful because it was a tragedy.
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    My original point is it’s not tasteful because it’s shoe-horning something in for the fuck of it as opposed to it actually being like the reason for the show.
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    The main thing for me is that it just wouldn't make sense. Chernobyl was a freak accident, and while it would tie in nicely to corrupt governments & conspiracies, it seems like if they're going to focus on any part of history it'll be cold-war weaponization, and there is very little that would make creepy underworld monsters and random green goo even make sense in regards to a freak nuclear accident in a logical or subversive way.
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    Also, alt history in general is a pretty divisive idea. Chernobyl itself has already had a horror movie made about it that was widely panned. It’s just not worth ST getting into for a ton of reasons.
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    I don't think they would tie it into Chernobyl. I doubt they started the show with the idea of the timelines matching up in the 4th season to just piggyback on that event
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    Look, I don't want them to go that route. There's no need, at all. But it wouldn't necessarily be shoehorning either.

    Both have Russians. After this season with this giant portal-opening laser, with ominous nuclear-like tubes, both which can closely related or connected to a nuclear reactor. So let's say the gang goes to Russia (again, I really hope they don't), get that green stuff and break it and it dissolves (which we've seen it does), the portal causing it to explode and the green stuff going everywhere. How is that not similar to Chernobyl?
  10. The shoehorning would be literally using Chernobyl as the catalyst or climax to this world.
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    this is a lot of talk about something that is complete conjecture at this point that the show will even touch on
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  12. There’s much more to Stranger Things’ Starcourt Mall than meets the eye
    Although the set is closed to the public and is currently in the process of being dismantled, eager fans have managed to sneak in to take photos and video of the interior, and the attention to detail is stunning.

    Netflix constructed around 40 stores in the mall for the show, which included period-appropriate versions of existing stores like Burger King and Hot Dog on a Stick (complete with their genuine ‘80s uniforms), as well as original creations like Scoops Ahoy, which apparently featured a boat-shaped restaurant booth that you can only partially see in the show.

    Along with other historically believable shops that the show’s characters visit throughout the course of the show, there are almost a half-dozen extra stores that were built and filled with period-appropriate signage and products, but they never appeared on camera. Typically, film sets aren’t a full structure or room; it’s cheaper to build the bare minimum needed for a shot. That Netflix opted to build out entire stores suggests that the filmmakers wanted a bit of flexibility with how they shot the show, allowing them to shoot from any angle without worrying about an unfinished background.

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    This is so insane.
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    Trying to max out on likes in this thread
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    The fact RIOT! came out before BNE really kills the joke for me. Bummer

    So sorry
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    I'm partial to the alt history in Inglorious Basterds
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    Took some photos as I unboxed the Blazer Mids! Love the Hawkins Post paper inside.

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    A 10-hour loop of the scene/song

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    Season three is so good. One more episode left

    Almost like it more than season one
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    Episode 8 is one of the best TV episodes I've ever seen
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    Just finished the season, probably the best season yet
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    Just finished it myself. Holy crap man, what an ending. Cannot wait for season 4, that was definitely my favorite

    Holy shit a post credits scene
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  24. monsters did bring down the towers, and one of those monsters was named George Walker Bush
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    Re up