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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Joe, Jun 9, 2016.

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  2. michael_gatto Jul 10, 2019
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    I genuinely didn't expect this season to be THIS great, but holy shit. That's top tier TV right there.

    EDIT: that post credit scene was AWESOME
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  5. Rowan5215

    Can I measure your tree?

    the last episode gave a lot of attention to Steve mentioning his mother was "really well-respected"

    wonder if we'll finally see his parents next season?
  6. michael_gatto


    Steve doesn't need parents. He is a respectable father figure already.
  7. Greg

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  8. Rowan5215

    Can I measure your tree?

    yeah, okay but hear me out: his parents are played by Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke
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    If they write Chernobyl into the show I’ll be out. That would be in such poor taste.
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    Sold. Sign me up.
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    I rewatched the last few episodes with my girlfriend and I loved this season.
  13. Rowan5215

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    going out to my parents place because they don't have Netflix and mum liked the first season a lot so we're gonna watch it. very good excuse for me to binge this again so soon
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  14. jorbjorb

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    Episode 5 was insane.
  15. Davjs


    I thought both were super annoying and I was about to write the show off until the end of Ep 3 where it seemed to finally kick into gear. Ep 4 was also pretty good. Only 4 left!
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  17. the rural juror

    carried in the arms of cheerleaders

    Is it good
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    Yeah pretty good. Lots of crunchy butterscotch pieces
  19. waking season

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    “We all die, my strange little child friend”
  20. domotime2

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    They tried to fit in a lot lot lot lot of stuff in the first few episodes this season....almost to a point where I was a little overwhelmed and wanted them to focus a little. Like the whole Will feeling left out and sad that it's all about girls angle got dropped quickly no? I realize there were more important things happening but it felt like an unresolved thing.

    In fact my only main complaint, especially with the ending, is that I dont feel like we got a "moment" with the four boys. Idk if this was all on purpose since they're all moving on to different things, but the show starts with the 4 of them playing D&D so I feel like their friendship should be a bigger deal?

    Maybe the cast is too big at this point. I feel like season 4 was mostly hopper and joyce...eleven and max... nancy being badass...Steve Robin and Dustin. Definitely maybe too much hopper and joyce

    Obviously great season though despite my critique
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    Picked up a pair of the Stranger Things Blazer Mids that Nike dropped today. They come with a set of enamel pins too which is cool.
  22. Maybevictor

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    Forgot all about it and by 9:05 those were gone :/
  23. Deanna

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    Oh man! I was in a pending hold for a couple minutes so I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to get them. It was my first purchase through the SNKRS app too so I’m glad I got them.
  24. Maybevictor

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    People complain about the SNKRS app but honestly I’ve had no troubles with it in the past (besides forgetting about a drop)

    I love the coke looking box design and the Hawkins newspaper inside.
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    I mean the things they complain about aren't drops like today's. They complain when a Travis Scott Jordan 1 comes out or a Off-White sneaker and the entire app breaks from traffic.