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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Joe, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. irthesteve

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  2. David87

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    Well, I guess there’s a big battle in the mall. But with who/what?

    Also, I wonder whose birthday we get to see
  3. Cameron

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    So Summer?
  4. OhTheWater

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  5. Soooo far away but yes
  6. Cameron

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    Need me some summertime 80’s sci fci bring it
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  7. the rural juror

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    Excited, but man that’s a long wait. Might as well film season 4 in the meantime while they’re at it.
  8. RyanPm40

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    It's been a long enough wait where I don't really care about this show anymore heh. Almost forgot it existed. Same thing happened with OITNB for me.
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  9. David87

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    I think that's a danger with binged shows. They become a cultural phenomenon but don't stay in the conversation for as long because there's not weeks of speculation and discussion between each episode and etc.

    I'm still excited as hell but I def notice people seem to forget some of the binge shows a little quicker
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  10. ChaseTx

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    I don't care about that stuff and I'm psyched for more of this
  11. incognitojones Supporter

    I thought there were some missteps in 2 but is generally fun. My bigger concern is that they wrapped up a lot of the conflict. do they go with something completely new, dive deeper into the origins of the past issues, or is it just like "oh the villain never really died we're right back where we were" kind of scenario
  12. NJPunkMusic

    Die rad.

    I like bald 11 better.
  13. David87

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    I liked curly head eleven last season. They all look so old now lol

    I don't think they really killed the enemy....they just closed the spooky vagina---for now. I'm sure there will be some way it gets opened again or something. I'm gonna assume Brenner has something to do with it.
  14. EASheartsVinyl


    I LOVE horror set in the summer and coming of age summer stories so I am REALLY excited for this. There’s so much classic fodder to pull out here. It supposedly has a ton of Carpenter and Cronenberg influence as well so it may end up being my favorite season yet unless they drop the ball.
  15. David87

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    I'm excited for the pop culture references personally haha....Is there any way these kids won't be major Back to the Future fans? I feel a red puffer vest coming.

    It was released on July 3rd of 85 so I'm guessing it'll come into play.
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  16. EASheartsVinyl


    There’s already a theory that the season will start with them leaving the theater after seeing it.
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  17. RyanPm40

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    Yeah that's very true! You watch it in a few days and then have to wait a year. We're spoiled in the age of streaming for sure, but when the show starts getting pushed past a year it's easy to forget about it and move on.

    I mean, I'm still definitely going to watch it and will probably enjoy it, but I'm just nowhere near as invested as I used to be
  18. ChaseTx

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    It takes me at least a month to finish a season typically. I started Sabrina when it came out and just finished in time to watch the Christmas special on Christmas

    Then again Hill House came out at the same time and that just took me a few weeks
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  19. RyanPm40

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    Heh I'm just too obsessive with shows I'm into. I binged Sabrina in a day and a half lol
  20. I Am Mick

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    I have absolutely zero interest in that weird punk group Eleven met up with last season and other "psychic" people, and I'm at the point where I have no problem bailing on the show if they start to focus heavily on that aspect.

    I'm excited for a summer themed version of the show though
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  21. Jake Gyllenhaal

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  22. I would argue that OITNB turned unwatchable and that’s why I didn’t watch the latest seasons lol
  23. oakhurst


    I hope they don’t focus on the other group of kids Eleven met. Also I hope there are deaths this season. The only death the past 2 seasons is Bob and he was only in like 4-5 episodes. Give me some stakes.
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  24. Shrek

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    fwiw i feel the same way about OITNB but i’m finally watching the latest season. 7 episodes in and it’s my fav in years
  25. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Kill off Will, he's the weakest link