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Stranger Things (Netflix) TV Show • Page 117

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Joe, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Penlab


    I don't think they've committed to anything, but I've heard them say for a long while now that they expected the show would end after 4 or 5 seasons. I'm going to guess there will be a fifth and that's it.
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  2. Ferrari333SP

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    I read something last year where they said they had two more seasons in the story and that was it, so it'll be done after 5
  3. Taketimeandfind


    The kids look older than me. But I’m still excited to watch this
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  4. David87

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    Summer?! come onnnn

    I was assuming the holiday thing would continue so I assumed either New Years, Easter, or Valentines Day. But maybe they're gonna do Memorial Day since they've already done July 4th?
  5. Rewatching the series and damn Lucas is such a dick in season 1
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  6. the rural juror

    carried in the arms of cheerleaders

    One of the things I appreciate about the show is the kids are kind of pissy in a way that feels authentic
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  7. Sean Astin being in season 2 is such a joy
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  8. Dustin Steve pairing is still the best.
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  9. Also I feel like dacre Montgomery had the time of his life in his role
  10. Finished my rewatch. Hope they can pull a season 4 off because when Joyce closes the door of the house at the end of season 3, that would have been a good final scene for the show.

    Was gonna rank the seasons but each season is good and pretty unique. And this show understands pairings. Giving us Steve and Dustin in season 2 then Steve and maya in season 3. Then Dustin and Erica and El and Max. Feel like dacre crushed it in season 2 and was so great but bummed he didn't ham it up really in season 3. And will, Lucas and Mike were pretty much background characters in season 3.

    Best scene is the neverending story song with the mind flayer chasing them in the car.

    And for the love of God can we get these kids some real haircuts.
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  11. Penlab


    I dunno, if they left that as the final scene for the show, I would've flipped a table. Plot threads are meant to be woven, not left dangling. I'll be satisfied with an ending when it leaves me with no more questions.

    EDIT: I should clarify that when I say "no more questions", I don't mean that all the questions have been answered (although this would be ideal), but that all the important plot points have been resolved. It's the difference between The Leftovers and Lost.
  12. 333 GANG


    Season rankings for me pretty clearly go…

    1 > 3 > 2

    Enjoy them all, but S2 is definitely my least favorite
  13. What plot threads would be hanging out there though. Hopper would have died in this scenario, the gate is closed again, the monster killed, etc. You could "but what about the Russians" if you want but we'd have seen them fail twice already and it wouldn't be that big a deal to me personally.
  14. Penlab


    This article outlines some stuff, admittedly mostly revolving around the post-credits, but for me it's mainly things from Season 2 that 3 didn't resolve like Brenner potentially being alive and there being more people like Eleven out there.
  15. The Brenner stuff is only a question because of the season 4 trailer I feel. Forgot about the others out there, but that's definitely an episode I skip now when watching. Not sure we'll ever get a solid conclusion to all that

    I'm happy for another season for sure. Just thought it would have been a pretty clean ending for the show.