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  1. Lucas27

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    Finished it. I have a lot of thoughts because I’ve waited so long to finish it and talk about it:

    -Not sure where it ranks with the first two but I’ve just accepted that I’m gonna love anything this show throws at me...this was so good.

    -Maya Hawke absolutely captivated me and the bathroom scene with Robin and Steve was one of the best of the also propelled Steve even higher up in my favorite characters.

    -I actually found this less scary than S2...definitely gnarlier and gorier in ways, but nothing gave me chills like the stuff with Will last season. The broader threat actually depersonalized some of the terror and the more overt horror movie feel made the scares feel predictable. The show has yet to top the shock of Will convulsing out of nowhere for me, although the sauna scene and watching people turn into goo one by one definitely unnerved me.

    -Still all-in-all the most intense season from a violence and action standpoint. THAT scene with Eleven’s leg was crazy.

    -Speaking of Will, he was severely underutilized this season. I can understand him getting a break this season, but I hope he has a huge role in S4. Noah Schnapp is the best of the kid actors (besides maybe Millie) and I feel like Will is the soul of the show. The Castle Byers scene wrecked me.

    -Jonathan remains the most one-note character, but Nancy really grew this season. Super underrated character. Also, terrific character development with her and Mrs. Wheeler when they finally got the heart to heart that’s been coming for two seasons.

    -Show continues to nail its endings. I don’t know how they do it. I didn’t expect to cry as hard as I did but I was a mess.

    -The Neverending Story scene rivals the bathroom scene as the best of the season for me. Amazing. The Suzie reveal was perfect and I adore that shot of everyone in the car looking confused while the monster is still chasing them. It’s the show’s balance of dark and light that makes it one of my favorites ever and that scene just sums it up.

    Love this show.
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    Me rn re: the red room tweet:

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    Put your necklace back on yeesh
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  4. phaynes12

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    people forget hopper would have more than likely shattered wills rib cage with how he was pounding on him in the first season finale lmao
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    Tbf if you don't break a few ribs, you may not be doing chest compressions right lol
  6. EASheartsVinyl


    That was up there with Lost for bad CPR that ends up working, although I guess both could theoretically make excuses of something supernatural going on.
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  7. Lucas27

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    Still one of the most beautiful scenes in the whole series brutal chest compressions and all.
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    Finally finished the season tonight and yeah, this was the best season so far. Don't really have much to add that others haven't already said but literally everyone in the cast are such good actors, these kids have such bright futures
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    Loved this
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    Overall a solid season. My favorite plotline was Dustin/Erica/Steve/Robin mall spying. I enjoyed seeing the dynamics of the kids change as they get older. The reading of the letter in the finale had me tearing up. I'm kind of bummed that Billy just turned into a generic villain, but I was hoping for more of an exploration into his toxic masculinity. They gave us little more depth, but nothing all that substantial to the point where I felt his redemption was earned. Maybe I just don't remember the previous two seasons, but there seemed to be waaay too much deus ex machina going on this season. Though I suppose it was just to play up these types of tropes.

    I'm looking forward to Hopper's escape from Russia. I can see Billy's coming back somehow too.
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  11. Leftandleaving

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    I would agree Billy’s redemption didn’t really feel earned. Also god I hope he stays dead
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    I definitely don't see Billy coming back to life, that seemed very final. I also thought he was a very generic villain in S2 as well :P
  13. the rural juror

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    There is a 100% chance of Hopper coming back and a 0% chance of Billy coming back.
  14. PandaBear!

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    Yeah the actor who plays Billy said he's 100% done. And I think he was supposed to be generic in the style of those classic bullies from the 80's teen movies? His appearance at least (Blonde mullet, the earrings he wore etc.) was copied from Rob Lowe in some teen 'coming of age' movie I forget the name of.
  15. EASheartsVinyl


    Billy is super duper dead and I’m fine with that. I guess maybe they could bring him back for a flashback or as some kind of hallucination just to have Dacre on one more time, but his story is done.
  16. Idk if Billy had a redemption arc? You can be a martyr and still be an asshole.
  17. John Lopiano

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    Season 3 just helped decide everyone's Halloween costumes for sure. We're going to see so many Scoops Ahoy uniforms, Hopper in the button down, and one of the several Eleven 80s looks. I'm already seeing them all over the Internet for purchase.
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    Yup I’m either TC Tuggers or Hopper
  19. sawhney[rusted]2

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    I just wish they came in other styles
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    you have to marry your mother in law
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    Just finished the third season, and I can say that I finally like this show as much as everyone else.
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