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    The same thing happens at my office, no one really talks about details of shows anymore, it's just like... did you finish the season? let's talk about the big picture things only.
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    My dad got hooked and has been fun to get reactions from. He’s very classically terrible at names on shows so he just keeps texting me about Big Hair and Winona and like “the other one” or whatever that’s supposed to mean.

    He would definitely take a bullet for El and wants Joyce and Hop to get together. But he also loves Sean Astin and thinks he makes Joyce happy and wants them together now and I don’t have the strength to see his reaction at the end of the season.
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    When you can binge a whole season in a couple days, unless you really love it then chances are you aren’t going to rewatch the whole thing again any time soon. At least, that’s certainly what happens to me. And as a result in a few weeks I’ll forget good chunks of a season (off the top of my head I couldn’t tell you much of anything that happened in the last season of Bojack), let alone the small details that can make you really appreciate a show. The traditional week-long wait lets you sit on an episode and think about it as it relates to the whole.
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    Slowly working my way through the season (just finished E5) and wow, this is way more intense/violent than the first two seasons so far lol
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    I very rarely watch shows weekly, much prefer being able to go straight into the next episode if that's what I want to do.
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    You could always not binge and wait a week to watch the next episode
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    I'm re-watching again from the start and actually watching one episode each day or two (and as good as 3 was i'm still confident 1 is the best season). The way everything builds and builds from episode to episode is phenomenal, and I definitely agree that if they released the episodes week-by-week the hype around it would have been even more intense.
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    I tend to lose track of shows week-to-week (God Friended Me just completely dropped of the radar mid-season and I still haven't gotten around to catching up on that series) wheras streaming gives me ths opportunity to watch them all at my own pace.
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  9. ncarrab Jul 24, 2019
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    I agree that with binging, we have lost some of the most fun aspects of the television experience, which is talking with friends, family, co-workers, online members about theories, thoughts, reactions, etc. IMDB discontinued them, but back in the day I used to live for those IMDB message boards for TV shows and reading what everyone was thinking and buying into new ideas and theories or proposing my own.

    I remember the first show I ever binged was the original Twin Peaks back when I was in college (before binging was really a thing) and I remember loving the show but it kind of sucked that I couldn't look anything up in between episodes because obviously 20 years later at that point, there were spoilers everywhere. That's kind of how it is now, like watching Stranger Things S3 3 days after it started, I was afraid to look anything up about it because the conversation was already about the entire big picture.

    All that said, we've become so accustomed to binging that now waiting week to week for shows like Barry, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, etc, feels like an eternity to get through a season and for many shows (i.e. The Walking Dead) when there's a bad episode or a slow episode, it just kills the momentum for the entire season/series. There's shows that I've dropped because I've had to wait week to week (Preacher, Legion) that otherwise I probably would have watched straight through if I could have binged them.
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    But what’s the point because everyone else binged it so no one is going to be talking about it still when I’m on episode 5 or 6.
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    You can't have your cake and eat it too, as they say
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    We’re still talking here anyway, so just watch how you want and then bump the thread for every episode specifically.
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    I dug this a lot. his voice is like Pink Floyd-era Syd Barrett. awesome surprise
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  14. currytheword


    Loved the season though I did find it a little bizarre that they upped the cursing for S3, the majority of which being women getting called bitch. I feel like it was at least 5 times, And one of those was in German.
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    Guys the 1986 world event theyre referencing is obviously the mets winning the world series
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    My wife finished it before me because of our schedules we had no time to really binge it together and all she said when she finished was that she loved it and she cried and my initial thoughts immediately were “fuck steves gonna die isnt he” and i was expecting it the whole time.

    I just finished it - hopper didnt make me sad at first but then my eyes got damp when El was reading the letter but hes definitely alive so it was short lived emotion.

    This show is visually amazing. Even something as simple as the mall scenes were so vibrant and captivating.
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    Literally nobody :
    Not even the "" Mindflayer"":
    Netflix : let's make memes on our own content

    Comments on this vid are gold
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  20. I really enjoyed this in the moment, but looking back I feel like it had a really awkward weight distribution. Like, all the character threads that develop in the first few episodes are just cut off and ignored until the end because too much shit just starts happening and everyone's all spread out.
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    Oh, oh no. It’s time for me to leave.
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    Holy shit... as someone who pretends to be a photographer I am offended
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    Oh no I feel old
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    This puts the fact that those awful Chernobyl theories keep gaining traction into a much clearer perspective.
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